Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tried getting the paints out again yesterday.

Nothing seems to be working very well, just like last time I worked on it. My hands just don't seem to work right sometimes. This picture seems to have a jinx on it. Oh well--I'll fnish it. Even if it ends up in the recycling for papermaking bin. You always learn something. :) Maybe I need to try something else for a while? Some Chinese Brush Painting or papermaking or.....
Got close to freezing last night--already! Supposed to stay in the 60's during the day and 30's at night for a while. Got cold enough I shut the bedroom window last night. Feels so wintery.
I went over to the office yesterday and talked with them about needing a garage door opener. I was very nice--and just assumed they would probably do this for me. Explained that I didn't have a car before and how the garage has been used for storage. I could wait for Dagan and Leah to come and put something in the garage for me before--but now I have to be able to get in and out all the time. Explained that my bad arm is a part of my disability--and what is wrong with the garage door and that they have tried to fix it twice already. Asked if maybe I needed to get ahold of some state disability organization to talk to them. The one lady was scowling and frowning, but the other one was nicer and said she'd make some calls and let me know what she could find out.
Some of the garages have garage door openers and some don't. They used to offer putting in a garage door opener as a move-in incentive. Kind of dumb to have some with and some without, actually. I am assuming they will agree to it. If they say no--I will go down and talk to them again and explain more about the situation and bring some of my paperwork from my doctors. Because if I can't park the car in the garage because I can't get it out--well, I can't shovel my car out of the snow either because of my bad arm and they will tow it away!! I have to be able to use my garage.
So--if they say no again--I will have to try to locate some disability organization or free lawyer. Also, if they just try to fix the door handle once again and I can't open it after a short time--again--I'll be back in there bugging them. It seems ridiculous not to have the garage door opener with a single unit here because we are often the disabled and elderly. There are only a few single units here in low income housing--most of the 2-3 bedroom units are families.
It boils down to--I have a bad arm and need a garage door that can be basically opened with one hand. I didn't have a car and now I do. I need to be able to get in and out of the garage. It will happen. Somehow. I will be able to get in and out of my garage. Right? Right! :)
So, that's the news from Fargo today--hehe! Wish me luck! Say a prayer!


Serena Lewis said...

I sure hope they comply and do something with your garage door to make it a lot easier for you to open. An automatic door opener would be ideal.

As for the painting...it doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish your painting so try not to fret too much over it. I'm sure you will have good days where you can manage to get back to it. :)

Rita said...

I am trying to be very positive with them at the office and asking them nicely. I'll go back again this coming week. Think positive! :)

When I am learning some thing new--sometimes things just don't go well, you know? In the past I wouldn't have even tried to finish it. But now--I just plug away and figure that I am still learning something. I got to try out some new brushes and became aquainted with some things that didn't work well--hehe! :)