Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When Dagan came over yesterday he had a little surprise Leah had picked up!
With a clip that works like a charm... keep the button pressed down for you! A green Laser for Karma!!
I had a smaller one that took those little round batteries and was a pain to keep functional. This one takes regular AAA batteries!! Whoppeee!! And now I don't have to press on a button the entire time so that I wear out long before Miss Karma does--(I can't even switch hands)--hehe! Thanks, Leah!!! :):)
Dagan forgot the DVD player yesterday. He's bringing it with him today when he comes back over lunch again. Yesterday he transferred a copy of the brains from my desk computer into the new laptop--and he hooked up the VCR player. I did tape PBS last night with it. Am going to see if it worked today. Having a bigger TV does make a person wish for better reception--hehe!
BUT--they claim that after the big switch-over in February everybody is supposed to get better reception--even those of us with rabbit ears. So, I am going to wait and see. My reception has been worse the past couple months. I keep thinking they are messing with stuff for the switch-over? Or the sun spots are going crazy or something?
I've slowly been finding new places for odds and ends that had to be moved in the furniture switch. Been gorgeous days for reading on the porch. Dagan and I even ate lunch on my little porch yesterday. :) I hadn't been writing letters for almost a week. Spent part of yesterday writing. :) Another beautiful, sunny day again today!! Yippee!! :):)

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