Friday, November 28, 2008


Karma and I watched a lot of TV yesterday. Miracle on 34th Street was even on in the afternoon!
[Note: To those of you who are new to my blog--I absolutely LOVE the holidays!! From Thanksgiving till New Year's I can lean toward sappiness and exuberant happiness--hehe! You have been forewarned.]
Yesterday I made a chicken and rice bake--so the apartment actually smelled like poultry--hehe! Karma and I had our usual quiet, lazy Thanksgiving. :)
Dagan and Leah trade off Thanksgivings and Christmases between Leah's mother & family and Dagan's father & family. Lest you misunderstand--I do LOVE and thoroughly enjoy my private holidays. I get to see Dagan and Leah all year round, so I'm okay with my peaceful, solitary holidays. I spent years rushing about on the holidays like everybody else, of course. I don't really miss that, to be honest. I get to see or communicate with all the people I love during the entire year. The people I miss seeing, I'd rather visit in nice weather--ROFL!!
Let's face it--I am always happily floating along on my own holiday joy cloud--hehe! Not physically being with the people I love on those particular days doesn't matter a whit to me. I know I am loved. Took me many years to believe that down to my core, but I know I am loved. :) I am more than happy to relieve some of the holiday stress for Dagan and Leah.
This year I am going over to Dagan and Leah's for our own Thanksgiving dinner--tomorrow! tada! I think Leah is making homemade pot pies from leftovers? Yummy! And we usually have our own Christmas dinner at some other point in time, too.
Anyways, Karma and I had a nice Thanksgiving. It was a bright day and a balmy 35degrees! Somebody was moving into the building on Thanksgiving, as you can see. At least it was a nice day for it.
I did dig around yesterday for paper to use on the trial sketchbook I am working on. Finally found some. (Told you I needed to get more organized--hehe!) Oh, BTW--you can click on my YouTube link up in the upper left-hand corner of the blog now. Under "My Other Web Spots" I added "SoulComfort's Video Corner" to the link list. I have five videos now! I'll keep adding more as I work on projects like this. :)

Anyways, I found some paper, but I need to make too long of a cut for it to fit in my new Dahle cutter. So--it is finally time for me to watch the video and learn how to use the new Logan mat cutter--TaDa!!! I knew that when I got back to bookbinding I would be soooo glad I have it!! (Thanks, Leah!!)

These sheets were loose and all the same size. I can't tell if they are really cheap watercolor paper or heavier drawing paper--chuckle! Doesn't matter. They will work just fine for the trial sketchbook.
So--today--I am going to watch the video on how to use the mat cutter. I am supposed to have Netflix movies coming in the mail today. Good thing! I was so sore last night--up and down--that I took a pain pill in the middle of the night. Another reason to eventually be more organized, eh? Less searching and hunting for my body to do--ROFL!! You really would think I was 90 years old instead of only 57--hehe!
Have a great day!!


Serena Lewis said...

Now, that Michelle is out on her own with her boyfriend, we do the trade off thing too for those special holidays as his family is just as important in his life as we are in Michelle's life so, it's only fair. I would hate it if Michelle felt it was something she needed to stress over. Like you, special days are all year round anyway.

It sounds like you and Karma had a lovely Thanksgiving together.

How cool that you have a YouTube page....I must check it out later.


Rita said...

Yes--was a nice day! :)

Hope you got a chance to see my silly little videos--hehe! :)