Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay--I have been mulling over how to reorganize. This is a huge project that Leah will help me with. To give you an idea of the scope--hehe!--I have taken pictures. You already saw the newly cleaned garage, now these are all the areas I need to shuffle, purge, categorize, and reorganize.
The two hall bookcases. The one by the door has craft magazines and cookbooks.

This one has painting supplies: oils, acrylics, watercolors, and brush painting.

This bookcase in the bedroom has literary journals, spiritual books, and a shelf of "to be read" books.

The craft bookshelves are overflowing. The one on the left holds all the art and craft books--and odds and ends...

...and most of our 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper/cardstock.

The bookcase on the right has the ArtBins--which hold all kinds of supplies and are not organized. All the 12 X 12 inch paper, scrap paper, tools, glitters...

...pens, brush pens, glues, ribbons, pastels, etc. The wooden cupboard in the corner is also filled with tools and supplies--and the shelves above the air conditioner holds all the ink pads, refills, and small odds and ends.
The narrow cabinet with all the drawers inbetween the two craft bookcases holds rubber stamps. On top are more brushes and odds and ends. You can see how we have piled things on top of the bookcases...

...and stuffed other supplies into every nook and cranny.

The bookcase next to my desk holds all the writing and reference books. I could also reorganize the desk cubbys and drawers--and the file cabinet, but that will have to be another project for the future--hehe!

My sacred space area--there are two shelves inside of the cabinet that I could maybe be utilizing for more of my spiritual books?

Then there's the closet shelves over the washer and dryer in the hallway! Loaded with craft supplies!

Papermaking, polymer clay, painting, etc.

And last but not least, the chicken wire storage area in a room on the other end of the hallway.

I added the plastic shelves. This chaotic space holds a little bit of everything.

Some seasonal things...

...more art supplies...

...and a lot of things I would have stored in the garage if I had been able to get in and out of it all these years. So--now that I have a garage door opener, unlimited access, and my little green cart--some of these items can head for the garage! Some could maybe be given away, too. Decisions shall be made--hehe!
I have been doing a lot of mental planning--thinking, pondering, milling. :):) The garage door opener and good shelves out there--and now the arrival of the new and empty ArtBin containers--these are our final catalysts--hehe! There has been a continual process of trying to make room in the craft area--moving things to the hall bookcases--the hall closet shelves--and the overflow ending up into the storage area--for almost four years. Chuckle! This will be the first time I can actually reorganize the whole shebang! May be a long process?
It will be so nice when it is all finished and we can more easily find anything we need. Ahhhh!!! I know over three quarters of it--but then there are the searches. Where did I put that wire? Which one is the scrap case? Where are the bookmaking tools? Somehow--we will get all these areas organized and know where everything is again. :) If Leah and I only had a couple of "hobbies" it would be a lot easier to find our stuff, eh? And Leah has the majority of the beading supplies over at her place!
Wish us luck! :):)
P.S. I forgot!! There are also craft supplies and writing supplies in two dressers, under my bed, and in my bedroom closet!!! A bit overwhelming, eh!?


Serena Lewis said...

WOW! You are very well stocked on craft and art supplies, Rita....I'm green with envy!

Rita said...

I've been collecting for many, many years, tho, and have many different interests---and I'm older than you! There are some items that actually go back to when I was a teeneager!! :):)