Friday, November 21, 2008


Caroline came bearing gifts yesterday!! Well, borrowed gifts--hehe! All three of these bags are filled with books! A lot of female mystery writers. Isn't she just the nicest girl? She was delighted that I had gotten a comment on my blog from Leann Sweeney! Said she's missing one book and she'll try and find it for me. Caroline's dad sells used books or something, so he searches for whatever Caroline is looking for, too.

Okay--I thought I'd show you the red bag--a duplicating project that may or may not be doable--hehe!

Leah and I have the same bags. We really like these shoulder bags. The pocket built into each side holds a bottle (or phone or camera--whatever) very securely. Won't stretch out like the mesh pockets for bottles do. When Leah and Dagan go some place together, she can carry both their water bottles--she loves that!

The front flap covers some small pockets and a zippered pouch--velcro closure. Not sure how I'd want to make ours--a couple of bigger pockets--or do we need the smaller ones? I'll get more input from Leah before I start, of course.

I like the back pocket and want that for sure.

Just have some regular dark denim for our trial run. My trial run, I guess I should say. :)

I haven't been sewing for years! Only small clothing repairs. Last time I used it the sewing machine was still working smoothly. I haven't really used it much at all since I had it cleaned and oiled many years ago. It is kept inside of the case--so no dust really can get to it or anything. Should be fine. I'll find out, eh?
Meanwhile--the real grass I planted for Karma (vs. the cat grass that is actually barley and oats) has come up like gangbusters! I haven't trimmed it. Karma has been chewing on it regularly. Harder for her to get a hold of the skinny little blades, but she manages. The cat grass would grow up tall and fall over and die? Even when I trimmed it--only lasted for a few trims and died? So now we'll see how this grass seed for shade (probably why it is spiky?) survives? Been doing great so far. I guess I didn't need to put as much seed in there--chuckle! Oh well--Karma loves it.

She's quite the contented cat. Half the time, anyways--hehe!

Today--tentative plans--Leah and I going to JoAnn's Fabric Store for the rest of the supplies I'll need to attempt to duplicate our red bag. So I need to do some measuring and serious examination of said shoulder bag today--hehe!
I have enough to keep me busy for quite a while, don't I? The bag has to come after the sketchbook and the birthday cards for 2009. [I'm not in a big rush--be a good winter project. I'm kind of worried whether I can figure this pattern and sewing out or not, so having some extra time to think it through is not a bad thing--hehe!] It always makes me happy to have projects lined up. Keeps me going, you know? :):):)
Have a good day!!

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