Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I bought some slightly used watercolors from Donn in Florida (from the Chinese Brush Painting and EDM Yahoo groups)--seven Daniel Smith and five M. Graham. I got a couple of my little tin palettes ready for them when they arrive. The one on the left--I used milk carton caps. :)

No real snow to speak of here yet--frigid and grey. Just ice...

...and frost on the windshields.

I had to laugh--saw on Conan these guys who were doing a documentary on the RockAfire Explosion animatronic band! I remember bringing Dagan to see them when he was quite young--and how we used to wait for the gorilla's eyes to light up and turn red--hehe! They were really kind of creepy when they were silently sitting there in the dark inbetween songs. I looked them up on YouTube and they have made videos of the band doing all these newer songs. I really don't care for most of these newer song versions, but I guess you can contact him and make requests? The band used to sing Beatles' songs and more family friendly tunes at ShowBiz Pizza in Minneapolis. Dagan remembers them, too--hehe!

Here's a link to the guy who invented the RockAFire Explosion:
This is the band I remember--with the sun and spider and baby bear in the log, etc. :)

Anyways, what a hoot! If you ever saw them in the 70's and 80's--enjoy!!!

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