Thursday, November 13, 2008


Actually 35 degrees right now. Stayed warm enough that we had rain instead of snow during the night. I've been going to sleep in the afternoon and getting up late at night--working my way around the clock. Caught up on all my catalogs tonight--the Dick Blick and the Art Essentials being of particular interest. Been playing with the Zen Board a little and now I'm washing clothes--and still puttering about. Walked a bag of garbage out at 3am and discovered that I wasn't the only apartment that had lights on in the middle of the night--saw three others? They are more likely up with babies, I would imagine. Insomnia is not contagious as far as I know--hehe!
Leah will probably be able to make it over for crafts next Wednesday. She had something come up and that was okay with me--with my crazy hours right now, I might have been nodding off while she was here. Not too polite, eh? Maybe I will have made it back to some semblance of decent hours by next week--I hope!
Have a great day! :):)

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