Friday, November 07, 2008


I am really behind on my emails--sorry to those of you waiting to hear from me. I am gradually catching up. :) I just read this on a T-shirt in a catalog yesterday: "I'm so far behind, I thought I was first!" Hehehe!!

I painted some more during the night.
The Chinese watercolors are closer in actual color to the original painting I got off the web. I am getting used to them. I can water them down so they aren't quite as opaque. Having fun!

I am getting used to my new size 8 brushes--but I think I could go for a smaller size brush to do the outlining next time. I've been having fun "discovering" each brush. Since I have several of these ink tracings to paint, I will switch over to my Chinese brushes on one of these soon and see how they will work on western watercolor paper. I'll have to remind myself to hold them properly upright, also. :)

They say you should use clean brushes that you haven't used on black ink to use the Chinese watercolors, but I think I should be okay to use any of mine. I do clean my Chinese brushes with brush cleaner after I use them--just habit. I don't like to leave a brush sit with ink or paint in it. Even if they get pretty clean with a good rinse, I still gently use my Master's cake brush cleaner on all my watercolor brushes every time I use them. So, even if the bristles get stained, they are clean. :):) Sounds typical of me, right?

Yesterday I mentioned the Leann Sweeney books I am reading--and Leann Sweeney left a comment on my blog! How cool is that? Guess it goes to show you that you never know who might be popping by your blog--chuckle!

No snow here yet. Wet and cold. But they are predicting the rain to turn tonight--maybe get an inch or less of snow. No blizzard in Fargo, I guess. Whew! But the roads will probably be icy under that snow. Drive carefully when that first snow arrives! (Altho, I know some of you reading this are greeting the spring--hehe!) Have a great day!


Donn said...

Wow, these are really great, Rita. Love what you have been doing with the colors.

Rita said...

Thanks Donn!
The tubes of Chinese watercolors are a bit different than the western ones. I probably shouldn't be experimenting with both new brushes and new paints at once, but what the heck, eh? hehe! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Your painting is looking wonderful, Rita! So must be quite pleased with your progress.


Rita said...

I'm slow to respond sometimes, I guess. I already finished it and posted it. I think I'm coming along. Some of these traced paintings are turning out better than others. I am learning and having fun--and that was the purpose of doing these in the first place. :) I have that perfectionist inside of me but it doesn't manifest thru the brush for me like it does for you, my friend. I think I need a lot more years of practice behind me--hehe! I am in awe of your work! :)