Monday, November 03, 2008


Caught Miss Karma cleaning herself up last night--hehe!

Yesterday I washed clothes, paid bills, and worked out the monthly budget--so I didn't get much else done besides that, of course. :) Today I have CashWise coming between 4-6pm with groceries for the month--tada!
It is actually sunny and 64 degrees!!! Warm out! My screened in porch is loaded with baby flies so I can't leave the door open. Some pregnant fly must have made it under the loose bottom part of the screen and laid eggs in my porch. They won't last long trapped out there--and they are great entertainment for Miss Karma. Usually she catches flies and eats them--gross! But there are so many of them up on the screen trying to get out that she seems overwhelmed. Just sits and watches them.
Anyways, gorgeous day! Hope you have much better things to watch than baby flies--hehe!!

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