Monday, November 10, 2008


This is my Zen Board and my Zen card that I can paint on with water--and then it just all evaporates! Fun for practicing--just like the magic paper from Haiying. :) I had gone looking for it quite a long time ago--forgot that I had lent it to Leah. She brought it back to me after she found it unpacking a while ago. I've been playing with it here and there lately.

This time I replanted with some real grass seed for Karma. A lot of it!

It is very thin and harder to get a hold of with her teeth, but Karma likes it okay. Not as well as she likes the oats, tho--too bad, eh? Hehe! We'll see how long the grass will grown when I trim it. Maybe it won't die so quickly? How do I always manage to kill it? Maybe it just dies of cat fright? LOL!!

I wore her out completely last night--chuckle! But this morning she was all ready to play hide and seek!

But I am winding down and getting ready to sleep pretty soon--hopefully. :) It is 19 degrees and still cloudy. I finished three letters last night that will go out in the mail today. Been doing some planning and figuring in my head last night--on how to shuffle and reorganize all the bookcases and the craft supplies--and what to pack away and/or move to the garage? I took a series of "before" pictures--but want to get pictures of the storage area, too, before I post them. Going to be a big project that Leah and I will eventually be doing together. :):) We have more ArtBin containers coming that Leah ordered. They'll be arriving pretty soon. Yup! Always feels so good when you get done with projects like that, doesn't it? Ahhh! I can almost feel it already--hehe! I guess I am visualizing, right?
Have a happy day!! :)


Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

It sounds like your plans are all under way....and doesn't it feel great after decluttering and truly does refresh the soul.

Your Zen board looks interesting. I've never heard of them before.


Rita said...

I took pictures of all the areas I want to organize. I'll post them pretty soon. Big project! :)

I know you saw the pictures of the Zen board and how the "play" evaporates. They are also called Buddha Boards or they also sell sheets of paper called magic paper. :)