Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tentative plans, right? Leah was way too busy at work yesterday to make it over. So we are going this afternoon instead. She's not on call for her second job this weekend, so we should be able to make it and not be as rushed. :)
My knees were really hurtin' yesterday, anyways. Miss Karma had barfed in several places on the carpeting the night before (??), so I was down on my knees cleaning and scrubbing carpet right away in the morning. My arthritic knees protested wildly--as they usually do to such treatment--so I spent yesterday with my feet up most of the day. Much better this morning. :)
No idea why Karma had a bad stomach last night. She hasn't done that for a long, long time--maybe a year and a half. Who knows?
She's been relishing her empty box the last few days.

She was out like a light, as usual, in her chair yesterday.

Last night she hid in the hallway to leap out and scare me when I came back from the kitchen or the bathroom--and she's sitting looking out the window right now (Cat TV). Acting perfectly normal--hehe! Seems fine to me. :)

Yesterday I got an email from that they have a MySpace and a Flickr site now--and if you posted pictures you might win a little gift certificate. So, I gathered all my Jet Pens in one of Leah's pretty pots...

...and took a couple of pictures. I do have some other craft pens from them, too, but I forgot them. Oh well--I can always post more pictures--hehe!

They carry so many types of pens, have really fast service, and if your order is over $25.00 you get free shipping! They have the Lamy Safaris (and some Noodler's inks now!), Pentel Pocket Brushes, several types of craft pens, and all the latest pens out of Japan. I am a big fan! So I am posting these pictures in their new Flickr account. :)
It has been really cold up here! Deep freeze cold! Supposed to get up to 30 degrees today, tho. If Leah can't come today, I will have to go over to JoAnn's on my own. Last day of the sale. Not a big deal--just so much more fun to go with Leah, of course. :):)
I have slept my way slowly around the clock and am actually back on days--TaDa!!!! Hope I can stay on days again now for a while. :) Have a good weekend! I am off to post my pen pictures...

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