Monday, November 24, 2008


Figures--this time it was because of me that Leah and I didn't do any shopping. This is how our lives go--chuckle! But they made it over for Sacred Circle!! :):)
First we did the talking piece. Pick any object to pass around the circle and each person gets to talk uninterrupted about what has been happening on their path since you last met. I grabbed the little crystal ball this time.
We write down on small pieces of paper (so we don't set off the fire alarm--hehe!) the things we want to send off to God/The Universe/our angels & guides/whatever each person's beliefs. We write down things we want to release, what we want to bring into our lives, things we need help with, and what we are thankful for.
As you can see--we are out of practice and were a bit too silly last night--hehe!

Anyways, we like to turn the lights down while we do the burning bowl ceremony. Each of us looks at what we wrote on the paper, thinks about it for a bit, and then burns the paper. We take turns and go around the circle until everybody is done. Here's Leah burning one of hers.

And here's Dagan being silly at the end and burning a whole little sheet! Naughty! Naughty! (It was dramatic in the dark, I have to admit--chuckle! And he didn't set off the fire detector--hehe!)

Then we did the Soul Coaching cards and the Angelic Messenger Cards (single cards). Here's Dagan reading about Leah's card to her. We just take turns and go around the circle.

As you can see--when I say we had a good time--there is a lot of laughing to be had. We did have a good time--but we are sadly out of practice with the grounding and centering. Things just not working and feeling like they usually do. I looked it up this morning and we haven't gotten together for Sacred Circle since last February! We agreed that we should start trying to get together once a month again.
Anyways, they also helped me with some computer problems--we both sent money via PayPal to a Costa Rica missionary to sponsor two children for Christmas--Leah fixed the loose base on the plant hanger in the bedroom--and they were gone early--before 7pm. :):)
I'm glad to be on days again. I've been doing better and better on the IBS with the new pills. Very slowly--but I am patient. I have hopes of being able to actually leave the house more often. Being able to go for walks, sign up for stamp classes, go to the library--to be able to make plans. The things I used to take for granted, eh? Even if I can't go out more than once every few days, I'd be thrilled to be able to go someplace once a week. I'll take the additional pain! :):) And I have a new dream/goal of maybe even making a trip down to Minneapolis and over to Wisconsin next year! ??? Everyone needs to dream, right? :):) Think positive!!
Have a happy Monday and a good start to the new week!


Serena Lewis said...

I was so stoked to read that you do a Sacred Circle. I love that! I hope you enjoy the Soul Coaching journey as much as I have.

love, light and peace,

Rita said...

I am looking forward to doing the book in January. I might try and find a free online group if I can, but I am okay doing it alone. :)