Friday, November 14, 2008


This is the "magic paper". I was trying to practice the ribbony technique to make grass--thick and thin. As you can see, it evaporates so quickly that I have never used more than three sheets so far. As you can also see, it is hard to even catch a photo! :)

I tell you, some of the strokes I have seen Haiying do so many times on her YouTube site--are really difficult! She makes them look so easy. :) I bumble along. I think it is quite a challenge for us westerners to get used to holding the brush upright. I was trying to do one of the first techniques Haiying was showing us in a recent video:
I think I need a lot more "zen" time--hehe!

And here's one about how to hold chosticks:
Karma loved that one! The dropping of the beans and clicking the chopsticks got her all excited and pawing the screen. Karma loves to watch and listen to Haiying. :)

It's a balmy 36 degrees here in Fargo. Which means no frost to scrape off the car windows and the puddles are liquid again today. I have a book and deck of cards supposed to arrive this afternoon from Amazon! I'll show you pictures when they arrive and fill you in. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Thanks for the links, Rita. My daughter has expressed an interest in learning the Chinese painting so I will pass them onto her also.

Rita said...

Haiying has a lot of good videos! And if your daughter searches on YouTube she will find a lot of instructional videos. I check BlueHeronArts and several others. Haiying has videos on what to look for when you buy ink, brushes, paper, etc. I started out with one of those "kits" and most of them are not very good. I buy from Haiying and from OAS in California. But Haiying lives in Australia--so she'd be cheaper for shipping for you. I have to wait until she comes to the U.S.--hehe! I hope she has fun!