Saturday, November 15, 2008


Okay--here's what came yesterday--book and cards!! :)

I saw on Serena's blog that she was doing this book with an online group during the month of November. Here's Serena's blog and her Esty shop (she's such a talented artist!):
This is the online group's blog that a lady is running:
I even found the author's online daily meditations that go with the book!

I thought this sounded like a great way to start the new year in 2009! I have not been attending to my spiritual side as much as I could be. So that is my personal plan--to start the book in January. I do have a sacred space already...
...but it is not a meditation spot.

My knees do not allow me to sit or kneel on the floor anymore--so I will have to pick a sitting spot for meditations. :) Maybe, if I am lucky, somebody will start up an online group again for this book in January? But, if not, I will do it on my own. Serena also combined daily sketching in a journal, too! I'm not sure I could be quite that ambitious, but I know I could try to blog every day about it. Something to look forward to!! :)
Happy weekend!


Serena Lewis said...

This sounds like a wonderful plan, Rita, and I'll look forward to sharing in your soul journey via your blog. I must look out for the cards too.

I LOVE your altar!

Serena Lewis said...

Hey, I just noticed that the sun painting I did yesterday is similar to the sun image on the Soul cards and yet I've never seen it until your post. Uncanny!

Rita said...

Yes! Your sun does look like that one on the cards!

I have enjoyed reading your blog every day while you take this journey. I'll be blogging every day, too--in January--hehe! That's nice that you want to read about mine, too. :)