Saturday, November 08, 2008


Very little snow here so far. The blizzard lost momentum or stalled someplace--I haven't watched the weather reports. Karma was thrilled with her little bit of snow in her world.

See--just a dusting by this morning.

It was that hard, dry, tiny snow--freezing temperatures--24 degrees right now and dark. Winter has arrived. Some places moreso than others up here, I guess. We have been lucky so far--no blizzard here--and nobody wants power outages when it is this cold out! I hope all those people to the west of us got their heat and lights back on?
Feels so off to sleep all day and wake up at night. Like back when I had graveyard shift jobs and was up all night. Always felt a bit strange, even for a night person. More used to going to bed between 1-3am--not 9am. I sleep lighter, but at least I am getting some sleep. Restless--up and down. Wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck some days. Could be worse, right? Could always be worse.
Miss Karma finds this schedule to be most fortuitous! Normally I wake up--then feed the fish--and then Karma gets her treat. These days I have to turn the fish light on in the morning or they get no light all day--and that's a Pavlov's signal for Karma to get her tablespoon of canned cat food. And then when I wake up in the evening--that's treat time, too. Twice a day! She's in cat heaven! I guess there's always a silver lining--for somebody--hehe! :)


Paul Pokorny said...

Music for your soul

Rita said...

I did get to your music blog.
Can't read or understand the language, but music sometimes can go beyond words. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Rita, be very careful about visiting links in comments left by people you don't know. There were warnings about them ages ago. I just delete them because there are a lot of nasty websites out there full of spam and hidden viruses. Unless you know the person who is commenting, it's always wise not to click.

I can't wait to see future pics of your snow....brings back memories of Wyoming.

Serena xo

Rita said...

Thanks for the reminder. I should be more careful.

Are you originally from Wyoming or Australia? I'll definitely have pictures of the snow. :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I was born in England but my parents immigrated to Australia when I was only four years old. I ended up in Wyoming because my second husband was American. :)