Sunday, March 01, 2009


A sunny morning, as you can see, and 5 degrees below zero.
Quiet weekend. Taking my penicillin and not up to much. Because of all this impacted wisdom tooth stuff I apologize to the people waiting for the rest of the videos on how to make the bookcards. I will be getting back to them when I feel better. I promise. Pretty soon, I hope. The penicillin is doing its magic. :) But then I will be in bad shape after the surgery for a while, too. Well--when I can. I haven't forgotten.
Meanwhile--have a nice Sunday! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

No need to apologise.....I just hope you don't have to suffer for too much longer.

Rita said...

Thanks! I am not feeling all that badly, but just have no energy to work on crafts. Seems like I focus on the tooth more when I am not lost in stories--hehe! Good excuse to read and watch shows and movies, eh? :) I keep busy--mentally, anyways--hehehe! :):)