Monday, August 03, 2009


Anything new, right? :)
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My check was in the bank early this month--tada! So, I had my CashWise order delivered yesterday. I ordered more fish, chicken, and beef than I ever do because of going low-carb/Atkins type eating this month. I ordered this frozen Tilapia fish--something new, right? I have eaten Tilapia at a restaurant, so I knew I liked it.
Anyways, I reached into one of the grocery bags and pulled out an actual fish that was staring back at me! Did a Scandinavian scream (sharp intake of breath) and dropped it back in the bag! Having actual pieces of beef was a rare enough sight for me yesterday--but a whole fish--too much! Maybe once or twice a year I have a boneless beef roast and other than that it is hamburger (because it doesn't look like anything). De-boned chicken and breaded fish. Truth be told--if I had to actually kill something to eat--myself--I'd be thin as a rail and eating berries and cornbread. Which might not be a bad thing...
When I was a kid we were visiting the farm of my aunt's in-laws and the grandpa asked me if I wanted to help him catch a chicken since I was right there. Was mesmerized by them! Love animals. I got to go close to them, touch feathers on the ground, smell them, watch them run and hop and flap--but of course, I couldn't actually catch one. Wouldn't know what to do with one if I did. Was secretly afraid they would peck me.
Anyways, he caught one and left. I stayed talking to the chickens and he went into the big shed or barn. I decided to go catch up--and as I came around the corner--whack! The chicken's head tumbled to the ground. I froze. He tossed the headless body on the ground and it ran a few steps--right at me! The blood pumping out of its neck sprayed crimson droplets on the front of my clothes before it fell over and the legs pumped a few last times in the air.
That's how I learned where chicken came from. :)
I didn't eat chicken that night for dinner. Didn't eat chicken until I was in my 20s and nothing with bones for years after that. Bologna and hot dogs and hamburger was all I would tolerate because they "didn't look like anything". I know. I know. Delusional. Deeply flawed city-girl logic.
Obviously I still have a reaction to looking at the body--the victim. But I am totally conflicted and thoroughly hypocritical. I do eat those poor animals.
And they do taste really good. *sigh*
I called Leah to see if they wanted to try to figure out how to cook it or had any friends who wanted a whole fish with head and tail. If not--we decided we could give it away on --ROFL!
Today is the dentist. Having the two cavities filled this afternoon. Then home and to bed.
Have a good one! :):)


Intense Guy said...

That kitty really likes to explore caves. Shes a natural spelunker!

Rita said...

Definitely an explorer and spelunker!! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Karma loves getting into tight spaces ~ :)

I don't think I could buy or cook a whole fish either.

Not sure if I've already told you this story or not but, one of the homes my parents bought during my childhood came with chickens....lots of them. The chickens were housed in a large caged area in the back corner of the yard. After some time, my parents decided the chickens were too much hassle as our german shepherd dogs kept trying to get them. One day, Dad had the next door neighbour kill the chickens off as he didn't have the heart to do it himself. By that time, we kids had named our favourite hens etc. so you can imagine how mortified we were by the whole killing thing. That night Mum made chicken curry and we kids sat around the table crying and unable to eat 'our pets'....I don't think Mum and Dad could eat their dinner either. Of course, we could eat chicken bought from the shop but there was no way we could eat 'our pets'.

Currently, I'm vegetarian so don't have to feel guilty about eating meat or chicken. I do, however, eat the occasional bit of seafood but I'm thinking of cutting that out again too. Since being vegan for 11 months last year, I'm certainly more aware of what I'm eating and buying now and, sometimes, it will play on my conscience, particularly when it comes to eating seafood and dairy.

Rita said...

So your experience was with chickens, too! No you hadn't told me the story. Good for you going vegetarian! You look so healthy and happy in all your pictures. :)

For the next couple months I am going the complete opposite--more meat & veggies, no carbs. When you live such a totally sedentary life it is hard to lose weight--nearly impossible. So--I'm going to try this for a couple of months and see if it is worth continuing (also is more expensive). Time will tell. :)