Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've been posting things I didn't notice lately--ROFL!!
Back when I took my shopping trip I caught Karma licking her mouth and never noticed it. And when I posted my new calling card double photo I posted the wrong one that had my phone number on it. I had taken another photo--but forgot to delete the first one, of course--hehe! Leah told me that if you double click on it you can see thru the black sharpie anyways. Oh well.
Got a mind like a steel sieve!

Another licking photo. :)

I forgot to show you what happened with all the paper that Leah and I had made so far. Absolutely cracks me up!!

The ones on the right--those are the ones that we just let dry on the table and then pressed under books. Our normal method.

The ones on the left--I fussed with for over two weeks trying to press them as they dried. I used newspapers inbetween each sheet to absorb the water and had to change them like four times--on and on--futzing and futzing. Finally I thought they were all dry and oh so nice and flat. Worth the trouble, right? Piled them up and set them on a shelf in the bookcase.

A couple days later I notice them. They had all warped together! Massive waves! Do you believe it?! ROFL!!

So--the simple method we were using all along works the best for us. Just let them totally dry on the table and THEN press them under books. Or we can use a press when Leah makes one. :)

So funny! I keep chuckling just looking at them. The best laid plans, eh? hehe! Live and learn.

Sunny this morning! Third gorgeous day with cooler temperatures. Extra glad since PitaPaseo has no AC. I'm going out about 11am to start the car and make sure it will kick over--just in case I need a ride to my appointment at 1pm. I don't think so. Pita's been starting nicely. But it's been a while since I have driven her--a week ago yesterday. Just want to double check. Can't afford to miss another appointment or I am not allowed to make another appointment for six months.

And then Caroline is coming later--at 3pm. So I need to get moving--pick up cat toys and gather the garbage together. I'm probably the only person in the world who lives in a one-bedroom apartment and has six wastebaskets! ROFL! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

isn't it funny how we snap photos and don't notice certain things.

well, your paper experiment sure proved that simple can often be the best choice.

i hope pita starts up for you and that all goes well at your appointment.

that is a lot of bins/wastebaskets for a one bedroom apartment but, if it works for you, why not? we have bins in every room of the house.

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
All went very, very well at the dentist's! Pita worked just fine, too. Was a good day! :)

Bins--hehe! I actually need one more in the living room so that we have two at the craft table for when Leah is here--hehe! I am bin crazy, I guess. :)