Saturday, June 13, 2009


Made another throw-together soup yesterday.
Beef broth, garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots--heated everything up and cooked a few minutes. Then added some canned diced tomatoes, canned crushed tomatoes, and some small spaghetti noodles. When the noodles were done I threw in a can of baby peas and seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little basil. Delicious!
Usually soup is something I make more often in the winter but I have these packages of soup bones in the freezer from Dagan and Leah and just wanted more room in the freezer. :)
I don't know if you remember that car commercial with the boy who goes--"Zoom-zoom-zoom!" But that kept going thru my head as I was capturing Miss Karma with the zoom--hehe! Much easier to sneak up on her--but not always. She listens for camera noise--hehe!
Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Okay--when Leah was over on Wednesday she patiently explained to me about iPods and MP3s. This started because of my worrying that soon I won't be able to play my cassettes anymore. If my cassette player dies--they are hardly making them any more--and how long will the cheap plastic ones last? But Leah said they have cassette converters. That's what I need.
If I get a good cassette converter I can transfer all my cassettes to my computer--make them digital? From my computer I can either burn a CD or put them on to an iPod or MP3. (I thought those were two different creatures that did different things--hehe!) They come with ear buds/ear phones--but you can also get a device with speakers to play your songs just like a boom box or radio. Cool!
Leah showed me the various electronic devices online. Those iPods and MP3s can hold hundreds of songs! Amazing! And even if you did lose it or break it--all the songs are stored on your computer or wherever you store extra computer stuff. Sure would take up a lot less room than a drawer full of cassettes! Seems foolish to burn all my cassettes to CDs when they will probably be going the way of the dinosaur next, right? Might as well go right to digital and get an iPod or MP3.
So--first step--I need to save up for a cassette converter. :) Now I have a plan--hehe! Another future "project" that could take months and months, knowing me could be years, to finish--ROFL! That's fine with me. Got more time than money, right? Hehe! But I am happy that I have a plan now and won't lose my music collection--TaDa!! :):)
Warm, sunny morning! Supposed to be hitting 80 soon--tomorrow? Won't be long and my AC will be on that's for sure. So while it's nice out--I'll be on the porch reading!! :):)
Have a great weekend!

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