Saturday, June 20, 2009


It was windy enough that the carpeting had dried out between rainfalls--so Miss Karma enjoyed the heat all afternoon.
I went out to the garage to see what I had for plain frames. What I would like is a frame and mat like the one on the right for Sibylla's goldfish, but that one was too small.
I found a plain white wooden frame. The cream colored mat is all wrong, but it gives you an idea of what it could look like framed.
Karma snoozed.
In the evening I finally set up the folding table to paint again. Karma almost fell asleep waiting for me to kick her out of the chair. All that heat wears a cat out, eh? ROFL!
I got this far and quit. This one is definitely not a keeper, but it got me back in the swing of things a little. I am dreadfully out of practice. May take me a few paintings to get back to where I was--hehe!
I made these up in the first place just to give me practice. I'm always shocked if one turns out halfway decent--hehe! (Less than half of them have been presentable--but I think those are pretty good odds for me.)
I have been playing around using western brushes. Just switched over to Chinese brushes last night--which presents a whole new challenge. And these pictures are all on western watercolor paper, too. I know! I know! I need to finish these or skip some and move on to the rice paper. Hey! One small step at a time for the rookie painter--hehe! :)
I'm really having fun and enjoying myself. Even when I ruin them--hehe! :):)
Happy Saturday!!


Rebag said...

Rita I love the painting, I think it is coming along just fine! So don't be too hard on yourself!

Hubby and I were up in West Fargo thursday night and I couldn't believe all the rain you guys had!

Any how have a good weekend!

Serena Lewis said...

i'm with rebag.....i think your painting is coming along beautifully!

we had rain here today which was kinda wasn't a downpour, just gentle rain which is the type i like best.

Rita said...

Rebag--been soooo wet up here lately! Red River is over flood stage again. Good grief!

Hope you had a great getaway! :)

Rita said...

Serena--I know you are just as much (or more) of a careful painter than I am--hehe! You blow me away with your acrylics! Especially the animals and birds. The trouble with watercolors is that you can't go back and cover something up and start over--hehe! And the more I try to fix--the worse it looks--sigh. Which is exactly why I am attempting to learn this challenging medium, if that makes any sense--hehe! Talk about stretching yourself! If I had taken a real close-up you would have seen how badly this one turned out. I am having trouble with the layering and the blending/shading. Not sure if I'll ever get it, but I keep trying. I might not be meant to do the gongbi or detailed Chinese painting (that would be a shock considering what I tend toward) and should stick to learning the spontaneous style?? Don't know until you've tried, right? And I haven't used the proper paper yet either. My, my...I just play and play--whether I get very far or not--ROFL!! :):)