Thursday, June 18, 2009


Over the years I've ordered calling cards and business cards many times. These arrived yesterday and were my first total disaster. Can't even read them!
My fault. I made them up on and was excited to find one that would hold all my websites--which are long. That was the largest print that would fit the space. Small--but if I had picked a solid background I suppose you could have read it.
I went back online and looked at the template. The background was much lighter and more faded looking so the print looked easy to read. Of course--it is blown up very large, too, on the computer screen. But in real life--even close up, as you can see--they are very difficult to read with the background. Oh well. Live and learn, eh?
That did sidetrack me for most of the day yesterday, tho--hehe! I had ordered these from Vista Prints because they were connected with "My Farm" on Facebook (which I play and love the silly game) and they were very cheap. I decided to do an online search and see what I could find. Was at the computer off and on all day yesterday--hehe!

I finally ordered some very unique looking "profile" cards from I reduced the amount of information on them and tried to pick a bolder font. I paid a little more for 100 vs. the 250 I got from Vista--but what do I need 250 cards for in the first place? ROFL!! Anyways, I certainly hope these turn out. I'll let you know--of course--hehe! Maybe one day I'll design my own--with my own artwork--like Haiying's! :):)

I keep forgetting to mention that Dagan and Leah's bankruptcy was all done a couple of weeks ago. TaDa!! Finally that house nightmare is behind them. *Sigh of relief!*

As I said--got sidetracked from the book. So I still have about 60 pages left to read today. I kind of wanted to have the book done and all ready to mail to the next bookcrosser before I head out for any more errands. If I am going to try to run the car once a week I have to spread out my worldly travels, right? Chuckle!

Been dark and rainy and damp and warm. Supposed to keep up for another couple of days.

What is it about us Midwesterners and the weather, anyways? hehe!


Serena Lewis said...

Such a pity about the may have been better using a darker print but then, you weren't to know because you said it looked perfect on the monitor screen. I used Vistaprint for some business cards a couple of years ago, using one of their templates, and I was very happy with them.

I hope you like the ones you've ordered from Zazzle.

Great news that Dagan and Leah are free of the stress now.

The weather reports told us we were going to get a few days of rain starting two days ago....we're still waiting for the first drop. lol

Rita said...

I'll post the card from Zazzle when it comes. :)

Been a long time coming for D&L to be free of that whole business with the house. What a relief that it is done and over--yes!! :)

After being so dry it must be nice to finally have rain your way. :)