Saturday, June 27, 2009


Amazing! Two days and the order arrived from Blue Heron in a tube mailer!
Peach Sap Powder or Peach Glue--rat whisker brush--and the three "fountain" brushes. You can see the clear tube part of the three brushes where the water gets sucked up into the handle. :)
I think Henry said in one of his videos that the rat whisker brush is actually made from rabbit hair? Then the white one is a goat/wolf hair combination brush. Then there's a synthetic and rabbit hair blend. And finally a small wolf hair brush. TaDa!!
You can also buy any of the three separately.
I put the Peach Glue into a small jar. Figured I'd get confused down the road if I wrote "glue"--just might forget what it was for and try to glue something with it--hehe!
Very hot and very humid day all day yesterday. Karma flip-flopped on the new glass table...
...because she has to try out everything new around here, of course.
When she came in her fur felt damp! And the heat exhausted her, of course.
A huge line of bad thunderstorms was heading towards Grand Forks in the early evening. People started sighting tornadoes. They preempted ABC, CBS, and NBC up here for close to three hours--until around 9pm. Six tornadoes were sighted, but I don't think any of them hit the town of Grand Forks? I was flipping about to other channels, but I don't think anybody was hurt? Not positive what the damages were.
Anyways, because of the weather and all three networks covering it at once I didn't get to see the tributes to Michael and Farrah, but I have no doubt that there will be a lot more--about Michael Jackson, at least.
I remember him as a small boy with his brothers. He was so cute! Was turning into a handsome young man--so talented! I never could understand--like most of us--why he hated what he looked like so much that he ended up looking so deformed and bizarre. He was a wounded soul--in many ways.
The storms rolled over us here about midnight as I was going to bed. Listening to the thunder and seeing the lightning flashes light up the bedroom--I chuckled to myself. I get that every night with the thunderstorm on my sound machine and the blue tooth recharging on my headboard--ROFL!!
I do so LOVE thunderstorms!! And the real ones are better! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Well, that was great service! I'm sure your new brushes will serve you well. I don't think I want to know how they get the wolf hair being that wolves are my favourite animal.

Poor Karma having to deal with that heat after a long winter. Tornadoes sound downright scary. Have you ever experienced the full brunt of one?

I am in awe of the sheer power behind thunderstorms but I must admit I'm not a huge fan of them, especially when we have some very tall trees sitting behind our back fence. Not sure about there but the storms here can cause extensive damage and we usually pray that they go around us. My poor Cody gets very stressed by storms. Beau, my son, loves them though.

I watched a few of the tributes for Michael and Farrah and they were very emotional. I agree with you that Michael was indeed a wounded soul and I felt sorry for him on many levels. I feel that he stayed a boy within his mind because that's what he craved....his lost childhood. Some feel that he tried to change his looks because he could see too much of his Dad in the mirror and his father had been very cruel to the boys when they were growing up. It's comforting to know that both Michael and Farrah are now in a place full of love and healing.

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
It isn't real wolf hair. I think they were originally. Just stiffer hair--firmer bristles. I've heard a wolf hair brush could be made from many kinds of animals--but it will be a stiffer bristle and goat hair--same thing--will be softer bristles, tho. I guess things in China aren't as specific or consistent?

Yes--I've been in a tornado when I was a kid. I should write about that story one day! :)

Thunderstorms--you either love them or hate them--hehe! I'm with Beau!

I heard that too about his father's face. All guesswork, of course. Poor man. They are both at peace now I hope, too. :)