Monday, June 08, 2009


I was trying to take a close up of Karma on my lap last night, but she kept throwing her head back and purring loudly. That's her sign for--Pet me, pet me, you know you want to. Where's your hand? I'm waiting. Come on--where's that hand? How's about a neck scratch?
Until she heard people in the hallway and froze.
Yesterday my big project was washing clothes. We're on our third dark, rainy day. Just light rain and cooler. Predicting this to keep up for a couple more days. I've been doing the salt inhaler, climbing the three flights of stairs with my creaky knees (hehe!), but forgot to have music on over the weekend. New habits take a while to get used to. So--right now I am going to use the salt inhaler for fifteen minutes while I check emails--and then I'll put on some music and work on the Soul Coaching book for a while. Start the week out right, eh? ;)


Serena Lewis said...

Awwwww......sweet Karma. I don't mind washing clothes but hanging them out on the line is one of my least favourite chores. :( How are you finding the salt inhaler?

Rita said...

Mine just go in the dryer--hehe! I haven't hung clothes on a line since I was a kid and we still had a clothesline.

I'm not sure about the inhaler. I think it might be working on my sinuses? Too early to tell, I suppose. But it has really helped Leah with her asthma! :)