Saturday, June 06, 2009


Good Morning!
I ordered this small bag of cat food this month--thinking I'd mix it in with the other foods and hope she'd eat it because it has vitamins and minerals. (She refused to eat anything that said it was "natural" or healthier when she was younger.) She thought it was some special new treat, I guess. Maybe because she could smell it was different from her other dry foods? I don't know. She has been rubbing on the bag in the pantry and crying for me to open it. So--I did. And she's all whacked out over her new "treats". Fine with me--hehe!
Yesterday this book came in the mail. This is the first time I have been in a book ring or a book circle in Bookcrossing. Since I had read the first two books in the trilogy, I put this one down on my wish list. Somebody emailed me and asked if I would like to be in a book ring, so I said okay--but I am not even sure where to find the circle list? I thought maybe I'd be emailed with the next person's address or it would come with the book. Apparently not. I'll figure it out. Or I can email the guy who started the ring and ask him. :)
The book originally came from England. The lady who mailed it to me lives in California. I wonder where I will be mailing it? I guess this is the next book on my reading list, eh? It's a big one!

The first book was made into a movie:

The Golden Compass(2007) After overhearing a shocking secret, precocious orphan Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) trades her carefree existence roaming the halls of Jordan College for an otherworldly adventure in the far North, unaware that it's part of her destiny. Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Sam Elliott co-star in this fantasy-laden family adventure based on the first book of the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials.

I really need to get caught up on I have a stack of nine books sitting here that either need to be registered or reviewed. I've gotten very lax lately with that group. I should donate some computer time this weekend to getting caught up. This would give me another reason to get out and about--setting books free in the wild!! :) :) Fun! I can think of several places to release them. Or I could figure out how to check on wish lists and contact people if they have a book listed that I have ready to release.

I'd been away for a couple of years and the website didn't even look the same. You know how quickly things change in the cyberworld--chuckle! Truth be told--I've been putting off learning how to navigate the new and improved site....for a looong time. Time's up, eh? :)

Chilly, dark morning. Only supposed to get up to about 50 degrees today and expected to rain for the next few days. So my reading will be indoors for a while, I guess. Glad I have been taking advantage of these beautiful days! Does seem cooler than normal for June? I am thoroughly enjoying it, but my folks should be up from Florida soon and they will be freezing--hehe!! They've got that thin Floridian blood now--ROFL!!

Well, the reading marathon continues..... :):)

I just have to remember to spend some time with Bookcrossing, too!


Serena Lewis said...

I'm glad Karma is enjoying her 'new' treats...typical just had to be when she was ready to enjoy them. lol

I visited Bookcrossing years ago when I saw something about it on a local Current Affairs program. Participants would leave books at various locations of their choice and strangers would find the book and read the note saying that they could keep it to read and pass on in a similar way. They were also invited to register on Bookcrossing so people could follow the path of the book. It sounds really interesting and a fun thing to do. I might check out Bookcrossing again too. Thanks for the reminder, Rita ~ :)

Rita said...

Karma's going to be surprised because I bought three other dry foods she has never had. I usually buy three 3 lb bags and mix them all together and that is what she gets in her regular cat dish. Eat it or starve, eh? hehehe! She will. Even if she complains--she'll get hungry enough to eat it.

I'm glad I have her fooled about the cat treats, tho. I just have little jars I fill with some kinds of dry cat foods she doesn't have in her bowl and she thinks they are treats--hehe! Cheaper and probably better for her. :)

I have to get back into the swing of things on Bookcrossing. It is really a great thing for book lovers/readers! You can search for books and ask to trade for one of yours, too. People usually trade--so it balances out the shipping costs.

Or find book rings or circles where they pass the book around to all kinds of people interested in reading the same book. All you have to pay is the shipping. It's a wonderful concept! I love the idea of setting books free, too. Leaving them in coffee shops, malls, restaurants, bus depot, etc, etc. If you leave them outside like in a park--just put them inside of a zip lock bag. I make up a big post-it note for the ones I release sometimes that says--I am not lost. I am free. :):) And you have to put a sticker inside the book and register it, of course. I printed off my own on copy paper and put them on with clear packing tape. Found that someplace on the website long ago--the free printing info. Not sure if it is there anymore. Like I said--have to get caught up--when my back settles down a bit. :):)