Sunday, June 07, 2009


So hard to sneak up on her--hehe!
Well, let's see...thru emails and questions Dagan told me they have no idea when the chamber stretched out. The only way they can tell is with a cat scan so they have the 3-D picture of the heart--and he's never had a cat scan before. Could have been ten years ago--five years ago--or a new thing. But--he's doing really well right now, so she said they'd do another cat scan in about five years if nothing changes.
Personally, I think they are just giving a heads up to cover their bases, you know? Especially since Dagan has had both slower declines and a sudden crisis in the past. They're really not sure what to expect exactly--can't know anything for sure.
It's always been like this with Dagan. If they gave us the odds--the averages--what they would expect to happen--he has never done what they expected. Like right now--even with his pooched out chamber, he has higher oxygen saturation than most of the other Fontan people. Thank goodness Dagan lives outside the box, eh?
He's always had a lot of people praying for him, too. ;)
So, we tuck the information away in the back of our minds and basically forget it. He'll be getting a new pacemaker this fall. He's doing well. Life is good. :):):)
I was in bed at 7pm last night. Couldn't keep my eyes open. Up and down all night. Back pain mostly is the culprit the last couple days. So--any computer plans are definitely on hold and I will just do my stretches, take my pain pills, and wait it out. Haven't even read this weekend. Could maybe try to finish Caroline's book and get started on the Bookcrossing book. We'll see. I can guarantee you that Karma and I will hang out and she will make me laugh. And that I am in a good mood and feeling grateful for just about everything! :):):)
Have an absolutely wonderful day!

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