Thursday, June 04, 2009


Karma spent all morning waiting for the little bird to come back. It's possible she misses Gracie (our crabby, miserable cockatiel). But when Gracie flew down on the floor and followed her around Karma used to cry and became quite distressed. Karma had this tone in her voice like--I know I am not supposed to kill this bird and she is part of the family and all that, but get her away from me--now! Gracie never liked people, but she loved Karma and wanted to preen and pluck out her fur--hehe! I think Karma was fascinated with Gracie on occasion--kind of like she likes to watch the kids from the window. But at a distance--please--or they lose all appeal--ROFL!
[Note: I finally gave Miss Gracie away to a local bird club when she hit puberty, started biting much more often, and drawing blood regularly. She is happily living with another bird down in Minneapolis. Gracie was the one bird I could not win over, I guess. We highly suspect inbreeding. She didn't seem quite right in the head, as they say--poor thing! I honestly don't miss her. But occasionally Karma does, I think. Only because Gracie never took a chunk out of her--hehe!]
Anyways, look what came in the mail yesterday!! A beautiful, handmade necklace from John/Spruce in Labrador!!

This is soooo pretty, John!! I was stunned by your generosity!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :):)
I never really got started on going through all the cassettes. I have quite a collection--and was given some of Dagan's, too (way of the dinosaur and all). The small case was Dagan's. The larger case was where I kept my most frequently played stuff--which I rotated, of course. :)
Here's the drawer filled with everything "cassette"--tapes, players, recorders, and blank tapes.
So you see what a job I have ahead of me. I need to go through them all and decide what to keep and what to give away. A lot of it is new age, nature sounds, etc. My goodness. I do have my work cut out for me.
And I was thinking--I'd better buy another cassette player before you can't find them anymore. I went on line last night and Best Buy doesn't even have one--not one. WalMart and Target only one or two--and they look pretty cheap--almost like they were for younger children? Another thing to put on my list--hehe!
The good news--for some inexplicable reason I have been sleeping through the nights??!! (Knock on wood!) Every night since I mentioned it--except for the night the LLL woke me up and then I did go right back to sleep--till morning! I have been setting the alarm to try to keep me on days--but that's nothing new, right? I am amazed that I have been sleeping--all night! Till morning! No waking up!!?? This is a pleasant mystery. I don't really care why--just am happy! Thrilled! Even tho I am often sleeping less hours--I wake up feeling more rested because I haven't been up and down all night.
Could be I have finally come out the other side from the dreaded menopause? hehe! Or maybe some of you out there have silently said a prayer for me? (Thank you if you did!!) I am a great believer in the power of prayer. Who knows? Who cares! I'm just soooo happy! For however long it lasts, I am most grateful!! :):):)
Now--on to the bad news. I never made it to the dentist yesterday. Went out to the garage and the car was dead as a doornail. I hadn't left the lights on or anything. Was just shocked, to be honest. After all the time and money spent on the car--for this very thing--not starting?? I hadn't moved it since I drove it home. Hoping it is a bad battery. Dagan and/or Leah will be over next week to see if we can jump it.
They have been helping Leah's mom move. Had a U-Haul truck yesterday--and maybe today, too? Leah has been over there helping every day. I think Chuck and Michal are there, too, now that school's out? And Ariel when she's not working, I would imagine? (Ariel just moved, too--into her very first apartment!) And Aaron (he'll be a senior next year). They've all been very, very busy. I'm sure I'll hear more about it next week when I see D&L. Sounds like it is going okay and they have had nice weather! Good!
Well, my timer went off a few minutes ago.
Got to move it! Move it! Move it! :):)
Have a great day!


Serena Lewis said...

What a lovely necklace!

I remember you talking about Gracie before....she sounds like she would have had a very stubborn attitude. lol

The pics of the cassettes brings back memories of my own cassettes which I would store very similar to yours. They certainly were popular in their time.

Sorry about the car....I hope the mechanic who fixed it will sort the problem for free.

It sounds like Leah's Mum has a lot of capable hands helping out....should make the move a lot easier for her.

Celticspirit said...

There are tons of cassette players on
I don't know if this link will work you may have to copy and paste it. If you can't get it to work just go to Amazon and type in cassette players.
Pretty necklace. :)

Rita said...

John/Spruce also paints on birch bark and makes collage "paintings" from birch bark. His wife is creative, too. I met him in the Chinese brush painting group.

Gracie was downright hostile towards people. Fear usually makes them antisocial and Gracie never trusted humans. I think she was a bit, shall we say, intellectually challenged--hehe! Poor thing. Glad she's happy now with her bird friends. :):)

We probably won't get a chance to try and jump the car until Wednesday. Think positive, right? :)

Rita said...

The link worked--thanks! Interesting! Since I am not really looking for something I have to carry around with a headset or earplugs--even at Amazon they only had four boom box type cassette players that were rated at least 3 stars. None were rated five stars. I guess cassettes really are going the way of the dinosaur--or the 8-tracks--or Betas--hehe! :):):)