Sunday, June 14, 2009


This was my view from the porch yesterday. A few darker clouds like this rolled on by, but we didn't have any rain. I read off and on out there until I couldn't see to read any more. :):)
Karma kept me company, of course--and it got very hot--hit 80! I had all my fans going. Karma wanted to lie on the glass folding table because it was cooler, I think. You can tell by the ears that she heard me turn the camera on.
This was one of her over the shoulder looks when she heard the camera. She certainly has exceptional hearing--hehe!
I got out the bubbles and entertained her for quite a while--not much bubble juice left at all now. She refused to believe I was "all done". Waited and complained--tried her best to talk me into blowing some more. Guess I'll have to look at the store for some more bubbles. :)
It's supposed to be even warmer today, so--sadly--I just shut the place up and turned the AC on. Face it--I am just not one of those millions of people who fantasize about living on a tropical island. Nor am I one of the Minnesotans who want to retire to Florida or Arizona. Isn't hell supposed to be hot? Boy! I'd better be really, really, really good, eh?
Hell would be a piece of cake for Miss Karma. She's outside lounging about in the heat and rolling around on the carpet. Probably why she never worries about letting her nasty side run free, eh? ROFL!!

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