Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I took this picture of Karma and thought her eyes looked glowy--so I went to snap another one...
...and caught her in a big yawn turning her head! ROFL!!! This is the funniest picture of her--ever! Cracks me up! Looks like a cartoon fright double-take!
Anyways, rained off and on all day yesterday. Good reading day, I guess. I have 200 pages left out of the 550. After watching The Golden Compass (first book of the trilogy) I can't help but vividly picture Nicole Kidman as the evil mother.

After overhearing a shocking secret, precocious orphan Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) trades her carefree existence roaming the halls of Jordan College for an otherworldly adventure in the far North, unaware that it's part of her destiny. Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Sam Elliott co-star in this fantasy-laden family adventure based on the first book of the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials.

Nicole did an excellent job as the deceitful, manipulative, seductive, icy, dangerous Mrs. Coulter. You just hate her--and her monkey--hehe!

Anyways, raining and thunderstorms expected this afternoon. Looks like a great day to curl up and read. :)

Oh--and I slept much better last night! Hallelujah!!


Serena Lewis said...

We get more shots of Cody like your second pic than we do the first one. Despite his cuteness, he's not the most photogenic of dogs....he always pulls a face at the crucial photo

We enjoyed the movie, The Golden Compass...haven't read the books. Nicole played her role very well and, I too, hated that dreaded monkey ~

I love rainy days when I don't have to go out in them. I hope you get another good night's sleep. xo

Rita said...

I have a lot of shots of Karma too that are blurry because she moves, etc. I just pick out the good ones to save--hehe!

Now that I am reading the last book--I ordered the movie again. Just made me want to see it once more. Silly! :)