Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Good Morning!
Busy day yesterday. I drove up to The Lighthouse and picked up a bulb for my floor lamp--picked up the shade at the other store on 13th--stopped at JoAnn's--and finally at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
At BB&B I picked up a small glass-topped table for the porch.
At JoAnn's I got a couple of storage boxes for $1.99 each and a corner punch for 40% off.
BB&B--flour sack towels for ironing paper, some boring pants hangers...
...and a tub that will work for the new larger papermill. I know it is too larger and won't fit in the sink, but it will work until we find something closer to the perfect size. I can always use it for something else--and if we don't find anything better--this will work, at least.
Here are the lamb shield and the bulb.
Karma and I had to rest up for a few hours after my two-hour shopping trip--hehe!
Then I figured out how to install the bulb and shield--tada! Cleaned and rearranged both the end tables. Wow! All that room now!
I wasn't used to being able to see the surface of this table anymore--hehe!
Now I can keep all my "stuff" mostly on this one--near at hand. :)
I was lucky it didn't rain while I was out and about. We even have the Red River 10 feet above flood stage again--third time this year we're dealing with flooding! Not as high, but still--good grief! They had on the news last night that a Fargo golf course was just now able to open holes 11-18. That is how much rain we've had. Water sits on our lawn here with the grass peeking out of the top of the puddles in places--and we're expecting scattered thunderstorms again this afternoon. Wish we could send some of this rain to the places that are so dry!
Going to be very quiet around here today, I can assure you--hehe!
Hope you have a great day!


Serena Lewis said...

i would have needed a rest after that shopping trip too. lol yay for getting the bulb for your lamp! your end table look so nice and neat. my desk in my bedroom is my problem area....i frequently clean all the odds and ends off but then they all seem to build up again. it doesn't help that aaron tends to put things on my desk too. :)

we've been getting rain here the past few days but it's been soft and gentle....not enough to cause flooding.

Rita said...

Serena--don't we all have our favorite clutter areas! Those places things get shoved and not sorted thru for long periods of time--sometimes YEARS!! ROFL!! Living alone I have no one else to blame. :):):)