Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I brought the footstool from the porch chair inside a few days ago just because Karma likes to sleep on it. You know how I like to switch things up--hehe! Normally when I cover the porch chair I put the footstool upsidedown on the chair first and then cover it with the plastic chair cover.
Well, yesterday I hadn't seen Karma for a couple of hours and couldn't find her anywhere. She does like to find places to sleep where I can't find her. [If you remember, she likes to play hide and seek at night--leaping from around corners and chairs--and I do the same to her. Yes--we still do play hide and seek sometimes.] Anyways, I made a quick search of all her known hiding places. When she knows I am searching for her she never makes a sound, either. Of course not--it would ruin the game.
This is where I finally found her. Curled up on the chair under the chair cover--hehe! She never misses a trick, does she?
The replacement border punch came!
Still is hard to punch and you have to stand up to do it--but it works! That bottom strip is cut off and thrown away--or saved for making paper.
It still makes a little dent by the two little double holes at the end of the punch, but this one works much better, as you can see. This was a linen paper, so it has a bit more threadiness to it. I think that is why the wispy edges here and there? Oh well--this punch does work. Even tho they didn't take it out of the package and try it for me first.
I still don't see why the pattern doesn't repeat normally? One small hole and then two on the other side? Makes for an uneven ruffle effect. But that is how it is shown on the front of the package. I still think it is a very pretty punch. :)
Today I have been blogging for three whole years! Wow! Hard to believe! The camera made the difference. :):)
I'm not sure if Leah is going to make it over today or not. She wasn't sure if she would still be over helping her mom or not. But if she doesn't make it over today (and we don't get to trying to jump the car) she said she'd bring me over for my doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon with my rheumatologist.
Sunny, damp morning. Hope it lasts today. :) Yesterday the sun was out for about 90 minutes in the morning--they even mentioned that on the news--hehe! Rained off and on during the day and was steadily pinging off the AC when I went to bed.
I opened the living room windows this morning and something was wrong. No wind. Barely a breeze. Funny how it feels so unnatural without the air moving up here. I have gotten so used to the wind since I moved up here. But--then I looked across the field to the trees over there and they are moving and shimmering away. The wind is there--just not coming my way this morning. All's right with the world. :):)
50 degrees. Karma is sprawled in the sun on the porch. Great morning to go work again on the book. Won't have to either fight the wind to keep the pages open or shut the window--hehe! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Awwwww.....had to smile at Karma's hiding spot. With winter here now, Cody has taken to lying on the floor near a window or door where the sunlight is shining through and warming the floor.

YAY on the punch arriving...good that it works much better than the last though you probably wouldn't be wanting to do a heap of papers at one time due to having to stand and apply a fair bit of pressure to punch.

Congratulations on your third year of third year of blogging will be in December. :)

Rita said...

You're absolutely right! I wouldn't want to be making 60 Christmas cards using that punch! ROFL! You really have to give it a hard extra press or two to get the embossing to work--but it is pretty!

Congrats on your 2 1/2 years! :)

Cody knows where to go to soak up the warmth! They always do, don't they--hehe! Your Cody is so cute!