Sunday, June 28, 2009


Painting again yesterday. Real painting on the left--obviously--chuckle! Another one that's going to be recycled into handmade paper--hehe! I am struggling with the amounts of water on the paper and how to tell how much paint/liquid is in the Chinese brushes. I know my colors aren't the same and that's okay with me right now. But the blending slight color into white flowers...whew! What a mess I made of that! The color raced wildly about and wouldn't behave at all. ROFL!! Oh well. I keep playing and playing and learning and learning. And I am really enjoying myself regardless as to whether the finished picture is a keeper or not. :)
Before I recycle my failures, tho--I will look to see if there are any parts of them I can use to cut out for the fronts of small cards. I may find I can avoid the real blooper areas and get a few decent cards out of them, you never know, right?
I had to take down all the various inspirational paintings...
...and rearrange them because I had run out of room--do you believe it! :)
Left to right starting at the top left:
Barbara, Sibylla, John/Spruce
Haiying, Barbara
Ann, Haiying, Ann, Sibylla
and center bottom:
Haiying and Howard.

These wonderful, generous, talented people are all from our Chinese Brush Painting Yahoo group. I feel so honored that they have sent me paintings--me! Newbie me! That's why I call this my "Inspiration" wall. Can you blame me? :):)

This is the first day in quite a while where I could have the windows open!! All night! And hopefully all day! Gorgeous out! Supposed to stay in the 70s and might not rain--chuckle! I can read on the porch today--tada!! Bye! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I hope the nice weather stays around for you.

Your inspiration wall is indeed lovely! As long as you're enjoying the painting process, that is the main thing. It's a continual learning process and there's always new things to learn or try. I LOVE to paint!

Rita said...

Oh yes! Could use a few days of 70's--was so hot and humid it felt hard to breathe! I'm in seventh heaven today. Karma misses the heat--not me.

I know how much you LOVE to paint. :) And you are sooo talented! I love to see whatever your latest project is, lady! Love your mantra cards. :):)

Celticspirit said...

You are very talented! All of the work I've looked at on your blog has been lovely.

Rita said...

Why thank you so much, Celticspirit! You are too kind! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea, cutting out the parts for cards and the inspirational wall.I kind of do the same thing in oils when I get stuck. I take photos and crop the good parts. I find that really encouraging, that not all is lost because the spirit is flagging at the moment. I am excited about the upcoming 10 days when I will attempt to put some order to things around here. To be able to get at the sewing machine, the water colors, the oils, the beads, the books, the mags, etc. etc. So any good wishes sent my way for the successful completion of this part of the journey are appreciated. Thanks.

Taiona said...

I keep appearing as “anonymous” I’ll have to find my way through that - Taiona