Friday, June 12, 2009


Must be summer, eh? We only have two seasons--winter and construction--hehe!
Yes!! The car started!! TaDa!! I went over to Leah's before my appointment because I forgot to give her some gas coupons and a check. The check was for her picking me up some glucosamine chondroitin at Sam's Club--that she had forgotten to bring over. Maybe we are more like three peas in a pod sometimes--ROFL!! Going to try the GC for 200 days and see if it helps with the arthritis? What the heck--might as well try it again, right?
Leah was busy baking loaves of banana bread for their annual roughing it cabin trip with friends--over near St. Cloud, I believe. She usually bakes sweet breads and cookies and such. I hope they have good weather and none of the expected scattered thunderstorms hit them tomorrow.
I took this picture on the way to the doctor's from Dagan and Leah's--it's Interstate 94. They're building a brand new connecting ramp system--whatever they call them. I need to get out more--hehe!
The Amber Spyglass is too big to fit in my purse, so I grabbed another Denise Swanson mystery book of Caroline's. Good thing I remembered a book at the last minute--they were running behind and I read six chapters. :)
All went well with Dr. Sleckman. I go back in a year--unless I want to see him sooner (meds). This last year I have progressed from taking the pain pills here and there (2-3 days a week--darvocet) to taking them regularly--almost daily. :( And they only take the edge off--and even then some days they don't seem to do much at all. So imagine how I'd feel without them. Actually, I don't have to imagine--I know. The fibro/arthritis combo may have just progressed and permanently amped up a notch?? Oh well--such is life, eh?
I prefer to think I'm probably stuck in a long drawn out fibro flare. People can have them last for days, weeks, months, or years at a time. It seems to have settled into my back the past few months. Fibromyalgia is not exactly predictable--so that's a possibility, too. I didn't have the best winter and then the oral surgery--he said that could have just set off the fibro. I suppose. Well, no use worrying about it.
I do get frustrated sometimes when I can't accomplish more (my various projects). I end up just kind of maintaining--nothing extra, you know? But I also don't want to just keep taking stronger drugs or bigger doses, either. My choice. And I am generally happy--don't feel depressed. Even if I am just reading and hanging out with Karma--life is good. I keep my mind busy--hehe! I have so much to be grateful for. :) And all my various plans and getting new supplies for projects--gives me something to always look forward to. Lifts my spirits. Keeps me going. :):)
And I don't give up. I keep plugging away at the projects and plans. I may be extremely slow at it--and can have periods of time where I can't get to them--but I usually finish things I start. No matter how long it takes me--ROFL!! So--all's well up here in Fargo and PitaPaseo is running again (knock on wood--hehe!).
I'll have to tell you all I learned from Leah on Wednesday about iPods and MP3s! Maybe tomorrow. :) :)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! And yes, art supplies can be most comforting - and something fun to look forward to as well! I sometimes go on outings to our local art supply store for that very reason!

Serena Lewis said...

I can tell you that my Mum takes glucosamine chondroitin for her rheumatoid arthritis and she believes it helps her. My art student suffers arthritis and she also feels that it helps her too. Hopefully, it will help in your case too.

I hope the weather stays fine for Leah and Dagan on the trip away with friends.

Pain management can be quite difficult, I'm sure.

I think art and crafts can be good therapy too and, of course, our furry companions ~ :)

I LOVE my MP3 player and Brad loves his iPod!

Have a lovely day ~ :)

Rita said...

I know! I try to get a little something almost every month for some project or another--hehe! Working on crafts or painting just lifts my soul! Even preparing and planning lifts a little all on its own--hehe! :)

Rita said...

My Dad says it helps him, too. But when I first tried it about ten years ago when it was just my knees that were getting bad--didn't do anything that I could tell. But maybe now I might notice a change with the arthritis being kind of all over the place--hehe! I'm thinking it will help. :)

Yup! The great thing about our furry companions is they are comforting even when you can hardly function. They love you regardless of what shape you're in. Furry little blessings! :)

Aha! You have digital music--hehe! I am behind the times, for sure. I'll catch up eventually here--ROFL!