Monday, June 22, 2009


When we are done playing--or I am done playing--if I leave the toy hidden Karma will wait for some time for it to move. Sometimes she will doze off--waiting--hehe!
Eventually she will pull it out by the string with her teeth--after she thinks it is definitely dead, I guess.
My penchant for talking to inanimate objects encourages her to believe other things in the apartment are alive--ROFL!! Well, the plants really are--hehe!

I have talked to "everything" since I was a small child. Always felt everything has its own energy or vibration or whatever you want to call it. No surprise to anybody who knew me that I named my cars--hehe!

Karma hears me tell the buzzing dryer or the dinging microwave--I'm coming! I'm coming! Just a second! Or sees me stroke a ragged collar on a favorite old t-shirt and hears me sympathise with its getting old. Pleading with a disposable pen not to run out of ink just yet or asking my fountain pen if it's empty. Questioning delectables in the oven if they are done. I pat machines and give them encouragement if they are faltering. Tell the computer I am going to shut it down so it can rest and heal itself (and it often does). Admire a pretty paper I have just chosen for a card--You are just perfect! I have even been known to apologize to eyelets and such before I pound them with hammers--ROFL!!

Naturally--I talk all the time to Miss Karma. :):) I try not to talk to "things" in front of strangers who don't know me--but it does slip out on the rare occasion--hehe! And now you are all privy to a lesser known fact about me.

So this is why Karma lives in a magical world where she never knows if something just might move on its own. I have found that most of my cats are ardent fans of magical thinking. I'd add my dogs, too--but dogs will eagerly believe just about anything--hehe!

And I just said--Okay! Okay!-- to my timer. ROFL!!! Bye! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

LOL.....I love the way you look at life. I too believe that everything we see, inanimate or not, are different forms of energy that we are all connected to. I love that you talk to inanimate objects....I do that once in a while myself. I talk to my car, Tilly, quite a lot.....yes, I name my cars too. lol My son, Bradley, constantly chatters away to himself.

I agree with you about dogs ~ lol

Rita said...

Serena--you talk to your car, too!! I bet there are more of us around who talk to things than care to admit it--ROFL!! And having a pet around only encourages us to talk more--hehehe!

Yes--dogs are so gullible!! Gotta love 'em! :):)