Friday, February 23, 2007


Woke up and it was soooo cold in here again! Karma was racing around acting like a crazy person. Could hear the wind whistling against the windows. Well, turns out Karma was not trying to remember her youth by racing thru the apartment and howling like she wanted to go behind the dressers (she hasn't fit behind there since she was a kitten), she was actually trying to tell me something. It was so cold in here because the porch door had popped open a couple of inches. So--we are very slowly warming up in here. Really made me laugh! I was all set to call the office and have them come and check the heat--and this time it was my own fault. Cracked me up!! Or at least I think it will warm up in here eventually...???

It had been so warm for a couple of days that Karma was wanting to go in and out of the porch off and on all day and evening--I forgot to latch the door. Who would think the wind could blow so hard thru a closed glass storm door that it could pop open the big door?!! Only in North Dakota--haha! It is really blowing in my direction again today--that's for sure. (I face south--so it is not as common for it to be blasting my windows and porch.) And the whistling sound is from the windows in the living room. I cannot latch them anymore since they permanently bolted the top half of the windows up a few months ago. The wind just comes up between them--nothing I can do. No wonder it is chillier in here this winter than it was last winter.

So, I am sitting here with layers of clothing on and a mug of hot black coffee--trying to get the chill out of my bones. Karma is still all wound up! She is racing back and forth across the apartment every five minutes and crying--still telling me all about it. She is very vocal and we talk all the time. :) I already let her outside in the cold wind--she cried and cried to be let out, believe it or not. Was blowing so hard I could barely get the door open to let her back in. She is crying to go out again. I told her NO! I think the wind and the howling and whistling sounds get her all worked up! She just raced from the chair by the window to the kitchen again--sounds like an elephant! She's annoyed with me for telling her she can't go outside. What a nut! It is 2 degrees out there--imagine what the wind chill is! It is friggin cold enough inside--let alone on the porch! Karma is intrigued by anything that is different or new and the door has never been cracked open like that and the windows didn't used to talk to her. In Karma's world--how much more exciting can it get! hehe!

My Cable TV disappeared early in the morning yesterday. No more cable. So, for now, I can only watch DVDs and things on tape in the living room--which I decided is just fine for a few days. I am not going to switch the antenna into the living room. It really annoys Gracie for me to go in the bedroom to watch TV, tho. chuckle! I went in to watch Ellen yesterday afternoon because she had Oprah on as a guest. I hardly ever see Oprah as a guest on someone else's show, so it was interesting. She was promoting her two speicals, of course--but they spent a lot of time just chatting. Then I saw that Oprah had some new diet thing with Bob Greene on her show after Ellen--and I peeked at that, too. Oprah is doing a year long weight loss thing with Bob Greene's new book--and they picked six people to do this program and be filmed--and people can join up online and do it with them.

But--if you believe in LOA--it just doesn't seem like a person should have to be in such pain every single day to be healthy? Just like on The Biggest Loser? It is a way to force a faster weight loss, I guess. I thought scientists had just found out that as long as you do some form of exercise (gardening, walking stairs, dancing, bicycling, cleaning, walking the dog) consistently every day--that can be effective for your health and weight loss? We have gotten too sedentary in our lifestyles in the Western civilization, that's very true. For many centuries all people did was live their lives--and their lives took a lot more physical work than ours do these days. But I can't imagine Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, the pioneers, people in the Middle Ages, the Victorian Era, or even people 50 years ago worrying that they had to test their endurance and break a sweat every day to be healthy. I thought the "no pain-no gain" thing from the 90s was proven untrue years ago? But--then again--if you really believe that to be the truth--then it is the truth for you, I suppose. ???

Anyways, the wind is howling, the windows are whistling, I am still chilled to the bone. Get very achey in the cold. Going to get blankets and watch some more of Carnivale this afternoon and warm up. I am getting to the end of season one. Only two seasons on DVD. I should try to look it up online and find out if it was cancelled after two seasons or not? Glad I made some chicken stir fry last night--can heat it up in the micro and crawl right back under the blankets with hot food!! yumm!!! Hope you all are warmer than we are--hehe! :)

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