Friday, February 02, 2007


This is what I have been trying to do to take my mind off this endless headache. Traced the flowers from photos off the web, masked them, and painted in the backgrounds. Removed the masking.
That is as far as I have gotten. They might not turn out at all, but it is something that I can do to take my mind off feeling crummy. Practice. Practice. Practice.
I haven't felt badly the past several days--as far as nausea or temperature or anything--it is this relentless headache that has me out of commission. It's a hard to sit at the computer/turn all the lights off kind of headache--and it is getting really old--hehe! I've had the headache most of this week now. It can leave any time now!
I watched the silly movies last night! Exactly what I expected--light entertainment. Just what I needed.
Really cold up here. Wind chill warnings--down to 35 below zero wind chills tonight. The poor delivery guy from CashWise are going to be coming to deliver my groceries tonight.
Hope you are all feeling better than I am and are warm and happy! :)

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