Monday, February 12, 2007


This beautiful angel I got from Lynnette is over the inside of my bathroom door.
I kind of figured that we might not even get to any Healing Touch techniques or an actual Sacred Circle time yesterday--and we didn't. I knew that us watching The Secret again and spending our time discussing and hashing out what we want to manifest and focus on was the most important thing for us to do yesterday. Was a great day!!!

The three of us have talked off and on about all living in the same place for years. After I got on disability, we have still talked about it here and there. Not in the same house, but in my own place closeby--and us doing creative things together. The beading and craft business didn't work out. Leah discovered how boring it can be sitting at a table for two days to sell product--it just is not time and effort productive.

Backstory: I had a vision I got from GA many years ago about GA Inc. Long story short--I thought it was so I would know what to do if I ever came into a lot of money, which seemed highly unlikely to say the least--hehe! Anyways, it was a community of positive like-minded souls all doing something they loved--almost like a small town! GA Inc would lend the seed money for different separate businesses--such as alternative health/spirituality (massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, reflexology, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, QiGong--who knows?) and small stores (selling things like books, oils, candles, soaps, cards, pottery, crafts, art--again, who knows what all?). There was a place where people could come and stay for retreats or vacation. Many families lived in separate housing nearby. There was a huge co-op type organic garden--and possibly a natural foods store and restaurant. Paths for hiking and cross country skiing had come to mind. Each person who wanted to open a business just needed to be doing what they truly loved--and what God would be proud of them for doing. Each business would sink or swim on its own and not financially effect any of the rest of the community. As people put money back into the main funding--paying back loans--that money was reinvested in new businesses. All the people would be drawn to the place because of the energy and people who didn't have the right energy wouldn't stay anyways (because a lot of people whould come in to work there). I saw trees, water of some kind (river or lake?), and hills. I got this back in like 1994 or somewhere around there--give or take a year.

Anyways, lately Dagan and Leah have talked about buying a home (which they have been wanting to do for a while) they were thinking about maybe buying land so that we could have two homes on the place--so I could live there, too. Or that they'd find a place that had a separate living area for me--like a mother-in-law apartment. Leah and I have still always kind of felt that we'd live close and work together on creative stuff of some kind.

After watching The Secret--we were all talking about finding a place in the country--having solar heating--and Dagan says maybe a windmill--with two homes on the land or room for two homes. And there would be a huge building on the land for Leah to be in charge of--(she thinks it might actually be a barn, I kind of saw a pole building)--for her to do all the things she loves--metalworking/welding--maybe woodworking--pottery making--glasswork--etc. She'd have kilns and all the equipment she needed--and she'd teach what she knew, too. She might have a store in the front entryway part--like a Clay Your Way like they have in Fargo--where people can come and paint bisqueware, have it fired and come back and pick it up--a ceramics store--and it would have things for sale, too.

And I would be healthy again--and be in charge of setting up the arts/crafts building and a spiritual/alternative health building. The arts/crafts building would have large room. We'd need room for up to 10-12 people to come for classes and two instructors--at a huge table with electric outlets along the center of the table. Or to have room for people to set up easels around the room. We'd teach cardmaking, painting, polymer clay techniques--who knows? Other people would come in and teach classes there, too.

The spiritual/alternative health building would have one fair sized open room for the things like yoga/mediation/qigong classes. Also would have some folding tables and chairs that could put put up in that room for holding Sacred Circle meetings and for creative writing classes. There'd be 2-3 separate rooms for massage tables and reflexology type zero gravity chairs--or for people to do readings. There would be one quite small, quiet, private mediation room--just for one person at a time. The front or entryway to this building would have a small little store-like area and waiting room/reception area. Possibly the arts/crafts building might have something like that, too?

Obviously other people would come and be working there with us. People could come and work the organic garden for a share in the produce--somehow that would be figured out--like a co-op, but really cheap. Mostly would want their help physically. If Dagan and Leah got some land, etc--it might just be the small start--the seed of GA Inc?!! Like start with one building--like re-doing a barn or pole building for Leah. And probably later everything would all move someplace else--more land and more like we all envision. But you have to start someplace smaller, right? Unless we win the lottery or something--hehe!

Dagan wasn't sure what else he was going to do there. But he knew he could run a website for us to sell things we made. And I do truly believe that the Internet is the up and coming way for sales. You can live anywhere and run a business. These days they even have ways you can package and post at home--and then the mailman will pick up the packages for you! Amazing!! And Dagan has a creative side--given the freedom, he might get into some of the things in Leah's building--or the painting?

Leah had been getting that the land would be in South Fargo. Farm buildings surrounded by trees. She said she had the feeling it was just south of where they live now. So--we took off and drove down 8th Street south of Moorhead--and there are many, many clusters of trees with farm buildings surrounded by flat fields. We saw a couple of places close to the road that had more than one home on the spot. We just wanted to snoop to help us visualize. Two homes--barn or large pole building--and a couple smaller buildings--medium sized, not too small--and not more than fifteen minutes south past "civilization". We'd need to be close enough to town that people would drive in for classes, etc. And Dagan and Leah's many friends would come out for gaming nights, as usual.

Do we have any idea how this could actually come about? Nope. But in The Secret and with the Law of Attraction--you don't focus on that part. Just wait for doors to open. You are supposed to focus on the result you want. Picture it--feel it--visualize it.

I will do that, too, of course--but my first focus is on being healthy. So I can do all these things! :):)

May sound wild or impossible--but it is our dream.

Leah has the advantage on us from being raised Christian Scientist, actually. She has been believing her feet are healed--and they haven't been bothering her at all recently? She has had plantar fasciitis and told she probably has heel spurs, too--limps around like I do when she is on her feet very long--even at home she wears sandals so she isn't in her stocking feet so her feet don't bother her so much. She was baking in the kitchen a few days ago for like five hours in her stocking feet and her feet didn't hurt the next day! Now that is faith!! That girl has faith! She has been dealing with this for years!! ??? So, I have been visualizing that every time I step on my feet that I am pushing the bone spurs back into my feet and my feet will be back to normal again. And all day long I tell myself that every time I am moving my hips and knees and all over my body where I have the osteoarthritis--well, I visualize that I am rubbing off all that little grainy stuff and the bones are going to be smooth again.

Wish us luck!! Optimism rules!! :) :) :)

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