Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday-1:45 am

Well, I totally slept thru Saturday!! At about 5:00am the terrible headache just went away--poof! I went to bed about 7:30am and didn't get up until 11:30pm--16 hours!! The best sleep I've had since I first got sick--one and a half weeks ago. I only woke up about four times, too! It feels so good to be just back to my normal aches and pains! So wonderful not to have that horrible, horrible headache--I could dance, sing, cry!! Feels like I have been gone for a week and a half and just came home. Joy! Joy! Like I have been in a fog and the clouds have lifted! :)

A little recooping here and by Monday I will hopefully be ready to get back with the program. Exercising, reading, studying, meditation, painting, crafts--all sounds wonderful! Just wanted to let you know that I am finally feeling myself again. That was a weird flu and migraine ordeal--glad it is over with!

It is minus 18 degrees up here. They aren't predicting that we'll be above zero until maybe Tuesday. And yet here I am sitting up in bed on my laptop wanting to open the window in here because I'm having a menopause moment--chuckle!! At least my window is fixed now. I don't remember if I told you that they finally fixed it the morning before I went for my federal housing appointment. It is wonderful to have that option again!!

Poor Miss Gracie was covered up all day. She has plenty of food and water and a huge cage, but she didn't get uncovered. She'll be really glad to be up and about when morning comes. I'm sure she got a lot of extra sleep, too. She needed it. I have been up all hours and not sleeping well--so even when she is covered and I am up in the living room--she doesn't get to sleep well. I hear her complain when my shadow passes by her cage--all night long. She probably needed the extra sleep, too. We'll all get back to our normal routine.

Well, I guess I should throw on my robe and go down and check my mail at 2am. So glad to be feeling okay again--could dance down the hallway!! :):)

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