Thursday, February 08, 2007


The Secret!! So excited that Oprah is spreading the word today. I am taping the show in case Dagan and Leah's tivo doesn't work. I wonder how it will come across in abbreviated form? Excited to find out!

Dagan and Leah and I are finally getting together for Sacred Circle on Sunday. We are making a day of it and starting at around noon. We're going to watch The Secret DVD again, too! Going to really discuss what our dream life would be like so we are all on the same page. Going to go over some more Healing Touch techniques, too. Can hardly wait!

All that came yesterday with UPS was the second half of Leah's Cleaning Kit. So, I am hoping our regular order will arrive today. Seems odd that they are coming one box a day when they should have been mailed together?

Leah said she'd try to make it tonight with the rabbit ears. If we get them all set up in the living room I will call tomorrow and cancel Cable One TV. What a jolt to my system!! :)

I was painting yesterday, but I am on the laptop in the bedroom right now so I can't post the pictures because they aren't on this computer. I was just so excited about Oprah and The Secret that I am doing a really quick early blog today. :)

Hope you all get a chance to see the actual DVD of The Secret one day. :)

Think positive!!

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