Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dagan, Leah, and I are discussing whether we are meeting up tonight or not -- via email. Hasn't the world changed? For once it is me who is not really in the mood to paint. Don't know why--just feels like anything I will try tonight won't work. I have those days with crafts, my handwriting, or painting. It just feels like a bad painting day. One of those days where I literally feel weak--a noodle day.

I would want to be home by 9pm, anyways--because both Lost and Medium are on at the same time. Since I could lose Cable TV at any time today or tomorrow--I cannot count on recording on both TVs with only one having an antenna and working. I've always wondered why there can be little on for days and then on one night there will be shows on at the same time that you like enough not to want to miss--hehe! I know--silly, eh? I have been cutting way back on the TV that I watch, but both those shows are still on my list. :)

I offered to bring the movie The Prestige over for us to watch instead--but Leah doesn't think it sounds like anything that would interest her. So, I will probably stay home this week. Dagan will drop by after work and pick up the things I was going to bring over. Leah wanted to borrow my iron, etc.

Nice enough again that Karma has spent time on the porch this afternoon. Darker day--clouds--and windier again, but it's 42 degrees right now!! Wow! Like spring out there!!

Obviously I haven't been able to think-believe-intend away the fibro yet--but I am working on it. It is like shifting gears. Like trying to switch into reverse on a steep hill--hehe! Not impossible--but can be done! :)

And you are living right now with the effects of past thought. There is a time delay or a time lag. So, it will take a while--but I am catching myself all the time when I find myself thinking old ways. Am aware of what I put my focus on and how I feel. I will see results--in time. I will see results. I will see results. If I created this--I can create something else, right? :)

Think positive!! :)

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