Saturday, February 17, 2007


I spent most of yesterday deleting from websites I no longer want to visit and getting set up on the ones I do. Cleaning up my favorites, too. I do save a lot of favorites! Have them in 48 catagory folders--and there are folders within folders! Didn't realize I had that many. Nobody else would probably be able to figure them out--hehe! Some of them come and go as my interests shift. I love the Internet!

Well, the idea of putting cod liver oil into Karma's food for her coat was quite challenging!! The problem--how to open the capsules! This was my first attempt this morning. I tried a small cutter knife first--but didn't make a large enough hole and when trying to squeeze out the VERY SMELLY fish oil the capsule collapsed and squirted the stinky oil all over my neck!! ROFL!! Got all over my hands and the cutter, too--which wasn't easy to clean, BTW. Karma was really crying up an anticipatory storm as the pungent smell permeated the kitchen. Then I tried a scissors--and placed a hand over while I cut to avoid squirtage--and cut two of them in half. Well--I had fish oil all over the scissors and my hands and the sides of the bowl. I just dropped the halves into her bowl and left it at that. Karma ate three of the four halves of the capsules! I figured they can't hurt her--we swallow them.

After soap and a washcloth and lots of scrubbing (wouldn't you know, I had just gotten out of the shower and dressed, of course)--I feel halfways clean and don't smell quite so much like a fishwife anymore--hehe! I will think on this problem and try to figure out a way to do this that is much less messy. If that is even possible--hehe!

Have a good day!! :)

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