Saturday, February 10, 2007


I keep my most often worn jewelry, crystal prayer beads, watch, and pedometer in this angel container on my nightstand. I took this picture right after Caroline had been here to clean. As you can see, she is not particular about dusting--hehe!

Yesterday, after I finished my blog, I went to rinse out my cup and there was no water. I called the office and they said the water would be off until about 1:00pm. He sounded as if I should have known this. I told him I hadn't seen any posting on it. He told me they had put up notices on the doors. I told him that, since I rarely leave the building, if the notices aren't posted above the mail boxes I would not have to opportunity to see these anouncements--nor would any of the stay-at-home mothers in the building or some of the other disabled people living here. A light bulb moment for him (he's new). :)

When I went down to get my mail (after the water was already on again) there was a notice over the mailboxes. ROFL!

When the water came back on it was blue! Yuck! Makes you wonder what they put in there and why? I am glad I got my new Shaklee water pitcher the day before and had filled all my water bottles. But it would have been nice to know ahead of time so I could have showered and run some water for me to soak dirty dishes, etc. Oh well.

I didn't get as much sleep yesterday, so I was pretty tired all day. Didn't get to any painting. In fact, I was dozing off in my chair before 7pm! Me! So, I went to bed at 7:00 at night--amazing! Slept till 4:30am. Feel more rested today.

The one thing I did do yesterday was sign up for -- a link from The Secret website. I have been snooping around a little. This morning I wrote down the areas that I can fill in on my home page. Whew! I have to really think about these!

1. my powerful intentions
2. my life's purpose
3. my values
4. my story
5. my vision

Not exactly something you can just whip off a few words on off the top of your head. At least, I can't--found myself speechless--hehe! In the first place, I am in the process of a life re-evaluation at the moment. And part of my problem is that I don't know my life's purpose, my vision, or what my powerful intentions should be? And I have to think about exactly what my values are? And how do I condense my story?! hehe! So--until I have clearer answers to these questions, they shall remain blank. I have some serious pondering ahead of me, I guess. :)

I am still completely and mysteriously cut off from I am not getting any of the team emails any more now, either. Well, I'd have to say that, right off the bat with the above questions, it does feel like this PI website is exactly what I need right now. :)

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