Sunday, February 25, 2007


The wind hasn't been in my direction since it started snowing yesterday. Still snowing right now. First real snowfall of the season. Got several inches! Don't have the weather channel anymore, so can't pop on and see how much. Online it just says another inch expected today. I am listening to the sounds of the snow plow in the parking lot as I am writing this.

I had taken a frozen roast out on Friday when it was so cold--thinking ahead. So, yesterday I slow cooked the roast all day!! Seven hours! And it gradually warmed up in here. What's funny is--I got so hungry smelling that yummy roast that I ate leftover chicken stir fry and never ate any of it when it was done. hehe! Just packaged it all for the frig and then made gravy and put that in the frig, too. But, I have food for the week and it warmed the place up! hurray!

I emailed Dagan to ask him to bring a shovel with him Wednesday night so we can get into the garage so I can get my overnight bag for our trip to Minneapolis next weekend. He said he'd bring a shovel. :) Dagan is due for his yearly check-up with his cardiologist in Minneapolis. His appointment is on Monday, so we are driving down on Saturday and back after the appointment on Monday. Hope the weather is decent.

We will be staying with my aunt, Mary Lou!! I haven't seen her for so long!! It will be great to have a visit where we can just sit around the kitchen table and gab. :) She is making dinner on Sunday afternoon and my sister, Renee, and her son, Joel, will stop by after church--so I will get to see them, too! Nice! Dagan, Leah, and I wanted to show them all The Secret movie after we eat. See what they think of it? Going to be fun!

And I am thinking positive about the car trip and that I will feel fine (painwise) and will feel okay when I get home... :) I so seldom leave the apartment--even to go shopping with Leah for a couple hours, to go paint at Dagan and Leah's for the evening, or take a bus trip during the day--that going away for a couple of days is a big deal around here! hehe! :) Exciting! And don't worry--I will bring my pain pills with me. "Trust Allah, but tie your camels." hehehe!! And I will bring the camera, too! Next Sunday at this time will probably be helping Mary Lou set the table!! :)

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