Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday 5:30pm

Making my bed would be just outright cruel these days. Karma has taken to spending every afternoon under the covers napping. It's her latest thing--hehe!

Change of plans. Dagan and Leah and I spent the day emailing back and forth. I have been concerned about the weather and woke up this morning thinking we shouldn't go. Come to find out Dagan had bad vibes about driving down to Minneapolis this weekend, too--had already sent out an email to us about maybe switching his appointment. Minneapolis is expecting about a foot of snow again between now and the weekend. Just didn't feel right--so we had to trust our instincts. Dagan called and got another appointment for April 16th. Should be much better weather by then, too. So--the trip is off for this weekend. Well, better safe than sorry, I guess. Both Dagan and I didn't get the bad feelings for nothing. Got to trust your gut feelings, right? :(

I tried to call Mary Lou but just got her recorder. I feel badly that we have to wait--again--to see each other, but I guess April isn't that far off.

It is snowing here right now. Like a white fog when you look out the window--just like last time.

I've been going thru the budget for March. Tweaking the food order and figuring out how much I can squeeze out for the critters. I'd like to get Miss Gracie a bigger mirror and some goodies to munch on, as long as I am ordering for Karma. :) In April I am hoping to make another Polymer Clay Express order for some cool polymer clay tools and such. I have to plan ahead. Called the electric company to find out how the budget plan will work at the end of my year now in March--and come to find out they do it basically monthly so you never have a catch-up at the end of the year. Lucky for me, mine has stayed the same!! I had no idea! They do things differently here in North Dakota--ha! I have been very consistent with my electricity, she said--hehe! I guess I need to plan a $10 leeway from now on just in case. She told me it can change from $5-10 a month from your budget amount. Just the tedious little things that have filled my day so far. :)

Oh--the new antenna for the living room TV arrived late yesterday by UPS! I am back in business--nice!!

Dagan doesn't need to come and shovel by my garage and help me get the overnight bag out now. The Shaklee order is due to arrive tomorrow, so Leah will come by and pick it up after I let her know it is here. She can pick out (by smell) which ones of the little surprises she wants--hehe! I hope she likes one of them, at least?! She has a problem with scents, so I never know. Fill you in later---:)

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