Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well, the post finally worked yesterday--but I lost the paragraphs after the photos? Losing paragraphs used to happen before so, apparently, switching to Google didn't help with that problem. But it does look like the entire blog was moved and it looks the same as it always did. Good.

Went over to Dagan and Leah's for acrylic painting last night. Leah had forgotten to make the dough up ahead of time for the pizza, so we opted for Chinese delivery. Chicken Fried Rice again for me. Yummy!!! Had a little bit left over -- brought home for Miss Gracie. She loves rice!

We ended up watching MythBusters and then they made me up as a Wii character. Showed me the Wii voting and the Wii weather. What a strange contraption! I do love the bowling!! :)

We ate and by the time we got to the painting it was 8pm! Leah was hard-boiling eggs to make deviled eggs for work on Friday (potluck). Dagan and I painted for about an hour. I experimented with watering down the acrylics to use them like watercolors. I know I have read that people do that--but apparently not on canvas--hehe! Maybe they do it on actual watercolor paper? Didn't work at all--but, luckily, it wiped right off.

Getting the table ready for painting. It is covered with a clear vinal sheet and we put canvas down to protect the floors. Dagan working on miniatures.

My practice sky--undamaged by my experimentation.
Unless they do have company next Wednesday night (one of the only nights they have free), I will go back again next week and practice my scumbling sky again. Even if they aren't in the mood to paint, they said I can come over and paint. :)
Of course, this new Wii machine is soooo fascinating that I could be easily side-tracked again! I would like to pretend bowl again, for sure.
Leah sent home a bag of stuff for me. When I got home I discovered that it was all her Shaklee supplements. She has decided not to take them any more--going to think and intend herself healthy. The Secret, depending on how you interpret it, can be kind of back to her Christian Scientist roots, I guess. Leah is still doing the protein shake, tho. She just plain loves it and isn't hungry before her break at work--so she is sticking with that part. I had been thinking of just taking the multiple vitamin and making the protein shake in the morning--even wondering about quitting the menopause supplements? My reasoning was more due to finances, tho--hehe! Now, I have vitamins and supplements to last me a while that won't cost me anything--so I'll take them. You betcha! She knew I would. :) And it won't cost me as much to keep taking the menopause supplements and the few things I take that Leah didn't. There was no way I wanted to stop the digestive stuff right away. I have really felt I have had a lot of improvement with those. I just planned on weaning off and seeing how it goes. Now--I can wait a while. :)
I am trying to intend myself healthy, too. I just have farther to go than Leah does--hehe! Or I just believe I have farther to go than she does--hehe! Either way--I have farther to go--ROFL!!! Regardless, that was really nice of her to pass them on to me and is greatly appreciated! Dagan is going to continue to take the multiple vitamin, BTW. I didn't ask him if he is going to stick with the shake, too?
We just seem to be on this rapidly shifting path the last couple of years. The path is all forwards or upwards, whichever way you want to look at it. All good! Every step has been a learning process. Feels like climbing a ladder or a mountain path. We keep trying different things to see how they work. Shaklee has definitely done something for me--both with the digestion and the menopause. I am not ready to let my intention take over--yet. hehe!
Well, that is the news from Fargo for today. Have a great day!!

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