Saturday, February 24, 2007


It never warmed up in here past a certain chilly point. And, of course, the office isn't open all weekend. I can't say this is a real emergency, so I will wait and call on Monday morning to have them come and check the heat registers and see if they can latch the living room windows. I have tried and tried, but I can't do it. The air comes in all along there where the top half of the window meets the bottom half.

Anyways, the heat register is piddling away, the wind has died down, and the temperature is supposed to be up to the 20s for highs during the day this weekend--so maybe it will be warmer after while?

How cold was it yesterday? Miss Karma has weaseled her way into being on the desk by the computer, but she knows she is not allowed on the kitchen counters or my craft table--when I am awake or can see her anyways (you know cats). I made more hot coffee yesterday afternoon, walked into the kitchen, and there was Karma curled up on the counter next to the hot coffeepot! hehe! It was warmer in the usually cooler hallway than in my apartment--felt good out there!! I washed two partial loads of clothes--just to run the dryer. I even baked muffins--just to run the oven. Still was cold in here. Still is cold in here.

Funny--I went to bake muffins and remembered that I only had the weird no-gluten flour that I had made that was so terrible. (It has been that long since I have baked anything!) Found some wheat flour--so used half and half. Not the best muffins--had nothing to put in them but cinnamon. Oh well--they're edible. I went online and added some white flour to my March order from the grocery store--hehe!

I also checked online and Carnivale was cancelled after two seasons. There were many, many websites of protest and petitions! So, I think they might not have known ahead of time that they were being cancelled? Could end abruptly--but it is so good that I want to watch every episode they made. I wonder why HBO has started to do the same thing that regular TV has been doing--cutting off shows randomly that have a continuing storyline? It is very annoying. Seems like nobody can make a committment these days to anything. HBO brags about their quality, etc--but they have good shows and dump them, too? I loved Deadwood, also--and there were protests and petitions on them cancelling Deadwood, too.

Is it any wonder that TV (and the Cable stations, too) are having trouble keeping loyal viewers? If you can't count on them--they keep moving the shows to new times and new days, and they pull new shows off the air regularly--why bother even watching them? Why not just wait it out and see which ones survive? I think there must be a lot of people doing that more and more. It's their own fault--they have taught the public not to want to get attached to new shows--or even ones that have been on a couple of years, for that matter. I am virtually housebound right now--and a TV baby from the 50s--and I don't like to start watching new shows anymore. I can see why Lost wanted to negotiate how many years they had left so they could plan out the ending--AND MORESO--so they could assure people it will stay on the air and you really will find out what the ending is. The lowest common denominator programs are getting less and less interesting and the ones that are different--get cancelled anyways 90% of the time. Something new and different becomes an actual hit--and they will clone it and clone it. That's my rant for the day--hehe!

Well, it is TV, right? Just like the movies these days--the vast majority of decisions are based on money and numbers--not on content. Viewers have somehow become as disposable as the shows are. May be why I order HBOs I was never able to see and a lot of Independent, BBC, PBS, Documentaries, and Foreign films--hehe! Just my humble opinion from the frozen tundra. :)

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