Friday, February 16, 2007


These three angel pictures are actually cards. They were the most colorful angels I had ever seen. I purchased the cards and had them for years--keeping my eyes open to find three matching frames, which wasn't easy because of the one square card. I finally did find them one day--at Bed, Bath, and Beyond I think. I love the boldness of them!
Yesterday I washed four loads of clothes. Even washed the towels that have sat too long folded up on the chrome shelves in the bathroom. I watched a couple more DVDs from the series The Carnivale--am thoroughly hooked! And I watched another movie about Truman Capote. I actually liked this one even better than the one that got more press--"Capote" with Philip Seymour Hoffman. I liked that one, too--but this one was more realistic--subtle. Infamous is the name of it.

Director Douglas McGrath's biographical drama stars Toby Jones as iconoclastic writer Truman Capote, whose investigation into the grisly murders of a rural Kansas family has unintended consequences. While probing the psyches of the killers (played by Daniel Craig and Lee Pace) as research for his soon-to-be best seller In Cold Blood, Capote forms an attachment to one of the convicted men. Sandra Bullock and Jeff Daniels also star.

Capote was such a bold, magnetic, and tragic figure. I can remember seeing him so often on Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas and Dick Cavett--and you could watch his disintegration over the years. Toby Jones really captured the natural Truman--his voice, attitude, and even his body language. I really thought it was done masterfully--the editing--the music--the acting--and all the little details. Really enjoyed it--sad as the topic of the murders is. That is just a very small part of this movie.

I am still on days. Been thinking a lot about why I had always been a night person. It always felt like a safe time. Was a time after most all of the people were asleep--and I was alone and safe. It always felt like my own time. Was a time after the daily work and duties were done--I finally had my time to myself. It always felt like a creative, contemplative time. Was the time for me to read and write and think about my life's path. Was the time I did my crafts and art--my free time. I have been patterned in that fashion most all my life--and don't want to give that up.

Well, I now have free time--all the time. I have creative, artistic, safe time--all the time. I am just not used to it being in the daytime--hehe! I am used to night coming--like a cloak--a comforting blanket--before I felt I could really just breathe easily and be myself. After being employee, student, mother, wife, lover, friend--it was just me and God or just me and my soul. Maybe I am not used to dealing with my soul and God all day long? ha!

Anyways, I have just been contemplating. Trying to shift myself over to days--in another aspect. I am awake days and sleeping nights--but I am not being as productive--and I feel something is missing. I was wondering why. Hence the reflection. Still learning more about myself, I guess, eh? I have to shift myself over to feeling free all day long--feeling safe all day long--feeling creative all day long. Without the cover and the peace of night.

Or I have to find a way to bring the safety and peace of the night into my days......

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