Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My old Jensen antenna in the bedroom and the kind of picture it can get. This is what I was seeing in the living room.
Obviously, the second mid-range priced antenna went back, too. Decided to try to find one like my old one online. Best Buy doesn't have Jensen brand right now. I couldn't find them for sale anymore online. Found their newer version. But found the older version for sale--where else--on Ebay! Dagan and Leah have a pay pal account and Leah might try to bid on one for me. Either that, or I will buy the newer version. I'd like to have this taken care of by the end of the month.

Leah was going to Target with her younger sister, Ariel, last night for her 10% off day. She emailed me and asked me if there was anything I wanted to pick up and pay them back later. So--I gave her the second antenna to bring back to Best Buy and went with Leah and Ariel to the Fargo Target last night after they had gone shopping at the Moorhead Target.

Warning: another case of "Too Much Information" hehe! I went to buy an new electric razor. I bought a Lady Remington like 25-30 years ago. Is it any wonder that it worked like a bad vacuum cleaner where you had to go over and over and over to pick up a string--same thing but with hair--chuckle! The blades were long ago dull and useless. When the battery dies before you can finish shaving your legs, it is time to buy a new razor. hehe! So, I now have a new Lady Remington charging away--tada! Long overdue. I figured the other one lasted me for many years, so I bought another one. This one should last me until I can no longer even see that far anymore or the hair on my legs goes grey and I don't really care anymore--haha!

I was also looking to see if they had supplements for cat's coats--but they didn't. I'll have to order some things next month from my favorite critter webspot--Drs Foster and Smith. Karma has been shedding a lot and I noticed she even has dry skin--like dandruff--just a little bit. So she needs some more oil in her diet. I tried the oils I had for cooking (olive oil, canola, peanut, walnut, sesame, etc)--she refused to eat the food at all. So, I bought her what I could find at Target last night to at least try something in the meantime until I can make an online order in March. Found some new Meow Mix wet food with sauce and bought her some cheap cod liver oil capsules (human supplements) that I will cut and drip into her food. Haven't tried that yet--but it is fish oil, so I thought she shouldn't stick her nose up at that? We'll see.

Also, got some new short socks--and Leah surprised me and snuck in four cans of my french vanilla coffee! :) :) I am going to go make me a mug when I finish this blog!

Leah didn't even wear her special sandals--and says her feet don't hurt very much at all! (We email back and forth during the day sometimes--she and Dagan and I.) Mine were sore last night--but when I woke up today I was amazed that mine were not as bad as they normally would have been. Hardly hobbling at all. (We are using the power of intention and positive thinking, of course.)

Tomorrow Dagan is picking me up after work and we are going to do some painting again!!! Been months since we were playing around with acrylics. Since November maybe? So, that will be fun. I am going to stick with learning how to scumble and working on the storm clouds. That may take me a while--and it is both challenging and enjoyable, so I'll stay the course. hehe!

It's a beautiful sunny day today. Minus nine degrees right now, but it is gorgeous out! I am grateful every day that I am sleeping at night and up early in the morning! :) :) Have a great day!!!

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