Friday, February 09, 2007


I got the first (and lightest) layer done on the petals and stems.

Here's the TV tray I use to hold the paint, etc. I'm using a smaller porcelain palette for the flower colors right now.
Leah stopped by last night. The salesman at Best Buy told her to buy the cheapest antenna first and work your way up to see what you need as there is a wide range of prices. The cheapest one didn't work very well--nowhere near as well as the one in the bedroom. So I still have Cable TV in the living room for now. She's going to get a middle priced one next. I think that is what I have in the bedroom--middle price range. (This means I get to watch Monk one more time! *big grin*)

I have not been able to get onto the website for days. ?? I can't open any of the links that came in the email updates from the groups I was in either. "Page cannot be displayed"--cannot access the site at all-period. ?? I guess The Universe might be trying to tell me that I am spending way too much time on Sparks?? Maybe Sparks is not where I should be focusing my attention anymore? Focusing on dieting and weight loss and such hasn't felt right since I have been aware of what I am focusing on--and how I am sending that out as a kind of order to be fulfilled. According to LOA--if you focus on losing weight you will be given extra weight to lose. I have to change my thinking--change my "fat" thoughts--hehe! After I read and heard that, I found sparks to be a place of fat focus, I guess--for me, anyways. I will miss all the positive ladies I met there, tho. Friendly and supportive--I was going to say "in the struggle to lose weight"--and that is exactly what keeps my focus there--on the "struggle"--and I am sending that out. Okay--I guess there's a reason I have been kind of blocked out of Sparks for days, eh? Time to move on, I guess. Onward and upward!! I need to learn to love my body!

I had actually been thinking ever since I saw The Secret on January 15th that I might join The Secret online website called Powerful Intentions I discovered snooping around on The Secret website. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it this morning! If I am going to be spending any computer time chatting--I might as well be chatting and learning about The Secret and The Law of Attraction, right? I thought I'd try it for a month and see how I like it. It's $14.95 a month if you go beyond the free membership--which of course doesn't provide as much--hehe! So--thinking abundantly--I joined! I'll let you know what I think of the website after I learn my way around a bit. :)

I was impressed with Oprah's show on The Secret. I had been worried that they might focus too much on the material side of it, but I didn't think they did. I think they made it very clear that it was about gratitude and how one can be of service in this world. Yes--good things can come to you, too--material things. You can get yourself out of debt, etc. Anything is possible, I guess.

I had to state an intention to The Universe when I joined the powerful intentions website. I put down--"I am healthy." :)

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