Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Dagan came last night and hooked up the rabbit ears to the bedroom TV. I will only have four channels: CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS. What a shock to my system--hehe! Leah is going to pick up another set of rabbit ears for me for the living room TV on Wednesday. When I have them both hooked up and am disconnected from Cable, I am calling and that will be the end of my Cable TV. Shudder!!!

I can't get on to the Internet on my desk computer, but I am able to on my laptop. Dagan was doing some stuff on it last night--trying to remotely connect his computer and mine--so he is coming back tonight after work to see if he can figure out why I don't have Internet on the desk computer. Ooops, eh?

Caroline came to clean this afternoon--she just left about an hour ago. Part of the Shaklee order came. We have more than one box this time and the other one is supposed to come tomorrow. Leah got the Cleaning Kit and that's what came today. She made me promise not to open it until she comes over tomorrow. We are both excited to see everything in this kit!

I have been sleeping nights!! Trying to use positive thinking. I keep telling myself that I will be tired and in bed between 11pm-1am and I will be up between 7-9am. So far so good for the last two nights!!

I am a day person! I am a day person! I am a day person! I keep telling myself that. :) :) :)

Right now, I am going to eat. I didn't get a chance to make anything before Caroline came over. Maybe I will get back to the paintings today, too. Who knows? Stay warm!

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