Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Another snowstorm is expected to roll in tomorrow. I emailed the kids to tell them we should pass on painting tomorrow night. But Dagan will stop by after work and help me get my overnight bag out--and I have some things to send with him, too. Seems like we each keep a bag going of things to send to each other--hehe! I have some little surprises for them. Don't want to say in case they happen to peek in here--hehe!

Unless our plans get altered by the weather, we are planning on leaving around 10am on Saturday. That way we can take our time if the roads are bad and stop as often as we need to ( or I need to, actually--hehe!) and still get there before dinner time. Mary Lou offered to make us dinner on Saturday night! That will be so nice!! We can just settle in and relax and not have to go anyplace else to eat. :) Thank you, Mary Lou!!!!

Still waiting for the antenna to arrive. Maybe today? Should be pretty soon, anyways.

I am off to heat up some leftover roast for lunch--yumm!!! Have a great day!

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